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WBV (Whole Body Vibration)

Basically the Whole Body Vibration platform recreates the muscle stretch reflex according to the following process:

  • Stimulus: a tap on tendon causes a muscle stretch reflex
  • Receptor:  the receptors in muscles and joints note this shift in length
  • Spinal cord:  they pass the information on to the spinal cord
  • Brains:  The response to this sensory stimulus via the spinal column is a direct contraction of the stretched muscle. The brain is not directly involved in this process.

Many studies have demonstrated that a 10-minute exercise on a WBV machine is equivalent and even better than an hour workout with conventional fitness equipment. The impact of WBV is significant in the medical field as positive results have been observed with Parkinsons disease patients and patients suffering from other degenerative diseases. For women and elderly people, studies have shown that WBV substantially slowed down the progression of osteoporosis and helped rebuild bone density.

About DKN

DKN Technology is a global fitness manufacturer with its roots in Belgium. Over the past 18 years, DKN has grown from a small fitness company in Europe to having its products sold in all corners of the world. In the USA, DKN has focused on the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) segment of the fitness market. Our goal is to provide machines that will enhance the benefits of WBV and make it easy to use for those new to this modality of training. After years of research, we have created an outstanding lineup of machines that will address all your fitness, lifestyle, wellness and health needs.

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