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Does your Lower Body pale in comparison to your upper body? Are you off balanced due to an unstable lower body? Then it’s time that you start a lower body workout routine. Toning the lower body is vital to supporting the rest of your torso, upper body and head. The best leg exercises work the largest amount of muscles within the lower body. There are six muscle groups within the lower body.   They include the hip flexors, quadriceps, abductors, glutes, adductors, and hamstrings. Exercise these groups with lunges, squats, step-ups, plies, calf raises, leg curls, leg extensions, leg presses, hack squats, glute maxes, and multi hip machines.
   Lower Body
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Body-Solid Leg Press Hack Squat Machine#GLPH1100
Flip and Lock Pads, Diamond Plate Foot P... 
Retail Price:$1,725.00
Outlet Price:$1,320.00
Free Shipping
Body-Solid Leverage Squat Calf Machine#GSCL360
Go heavy with 800 pounds or more!... 
Retail Price:$1,045.00
Outlet Price:$800.00
Free Shipping
Body-Solid CAM Leg Extension Curl Machine#GCEC340
Heavy Duty... 
Retail Price:$715.00
Outlet Price:$550.00
Free Shipping
Body-Solid Leg Extension Curl Machine#GLCE365
Rivals far more expensive machines for t... 
Retail Price:$680.00
Outlet Price:$525.00
Free Shipping
Body-Solid Seated Calf Raise#GSCR349
Angled no-slip foot platform, 3" DuraFir... 
Retail Price:$755.00
Outlet Price:$580.00
Free Shipping
Pro ClubLine Leverage Leg Curl#LVLC
Natural feel and resistance of free-weig... 
Retail Price:$1,200.00
Outlet Price:$920.00
Free Shipping
Pro ClubLine Leverage Leg Extension#LVLE
Natural feel and resistance of free-weig... 
Retail Price:$1,235.00
Outlet Price:$965.00
Free Shipping
Pro ClubLine Leverage Horizontal Leg Press#LVLP
Natural feel and resistance of free-weig... 
Retail Price:$3,375.00
Outlet Price:$2,600.00
Free Shipping
Powerline Leg Extension and Curl#PLCE165X
Develop your quadriceps and hamstrings w... 
Retail Price:$440.00
Outlet Price:$340.00
Powerline Seated Calf Raise#PSC43X
Adjusts to all size users, angled foot p... 
Retail Price:$280.00
Outlet Price:$215.00
Powerline Vertical Leg Press#PVLP156X
Three weight posts, thick back pad, extr... 
Retail Price:$545.00
Outlet Price:$415.00
Powerline Glute Machine#PGM200X
Develop a superior posterior... 
Retail Price:$525.00
Outlet Price:$410.00
Body-Solid Plyo Boxes#BSTPB
Training tool for explosive jump and spe... 
Stamina X Adjustable Height Plyo Box#S200012
Adjusts to four different heights... 
Retail Price:$259.00
Outlet Price:$199.00
Stamina Pro AeroPilates#S555556B
Take Pilates to the Next Level... 
Retail Price:$1,199.99
Outlet Price:$899.00
Free Shipping
Stamina 36" Folding Trampoline#S351625D
Folds Up, Take it Anywhere!... 
Retail Price:$69.99
Outlet Price:$39.00
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