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Your Workout Space: Keith Wages
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Home Gym Tips

You've seen photos of gyms you'd like to have, but planning them can be difficult because most gyms aren't built all at once, but slowly with items added as you can afford them. This method doesn't give you the luxery of planning out the best layout, so make sure you leave enough working space around all the units as they come in. When considering a new addition, don't just look at the dimensions of the footprint. You will probably need working space behind the unit too, to allow for easy adjustments, cleaning, and weight changes. If you are short on space, take a hard look at all your equipment and get rid of things you do not use regularly. Maintain your equipment- most items have a maintenance schedule at the end of the manual. This may include oiling rods, tightening nuts and screws, and wiping down surfaces. This is extra important if your gym is in a garage. There is no reason your iron dumbbells or weight plates should look rusty after 10 years if properly cared for. Finlly, if money is tight, consider a second hand source like Craigslist. The Internet is full of old weight sets and unused accessories at a fraction of the new price. Be carefull though if the item has moving parts- lots of used equipment isn't maintained or is damaged.

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