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Ab Coaster

The Ab Coaster® is a revolutionary exercise device that is taking abdominal training in a whole new direction. Unlike traditional crunches, which work your abs from the "top down," the Ab Coaster works your abs from the "bottom up," while limiting stress to your neck , back and shoulders.
Gymnasts and bodybuilders have known this secret for years: to get a strong, lean core necessary for competition, they work their abs from the bottom up. This secret is available though The AbCoaster® since it works from the bottom up to work your abs in a steady motion.
The Hanging Leg Raise is a “bottom up” exercise that is highly effective for developing great abs. But it is a very difficult exercise to perform. Here’s why: The exercise requires not only tremendous upper body strength, but it also requires you to perform a lower abdominal contraction while lifting the entire weight of your lower body.
  Ab Coasters
Ab Coaster PS500
Outlet Price:$399.00
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Ab Coaster Black
Outlet Price:$499.00
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Ab Coaster CS1500
Outlet Price:$899.00
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Ab Coaster CS3000
Outlet Price:$1,499.00
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Ab Coaster CTL
Outlet Price:$1,499.00
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