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Upright Bikes

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True CS400 Upright Bike
True CS400 Upright BikeTRUCS400U
With 5 Console Options... 
Starts at: $2,499.00
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True CS900 Upright Bike
True CS900 Upright BikeTRUCS900U
With 5 Console Options... 
Starts at: $3,159.00
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Bladez Fitness U300 Upright Bike
Bladez Fitness U300 Upright BikeBHU300
The U300 keeps you motivated with a wide... 
Retail Price:$499.00
Outlet Price: $299.00
Endurance B5 Upright Bike
Endurance B5 Upright BikeB5U
Advanced Console, Self Powered... 
Retail Price:$2,795.00
Outlet Price: $2,150.00
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Assault Air Bike
Assault Air BikeAS-ASSAULT
Air resistance for working out... 
Outlet Price: $1,099.00
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LifeCORE Fitness Air Bike
LifeCORE Fitness Air BikeLS-XT
Space-saving design, Dual-action mobilit... 
Retail Price:$599.00
Outlet Price: $549.00
Best Fitness Upright Bike
Best Fitness Upright BikeBFUB1
An affordable workout in your home... 
Retail Price:$545.00
Outlet Price: $420.00
Diamondback 910Ub Upright Bike
Diamondback 910Ub Upright BikeDB910UB
"HEAD OF THE CLASS" award from Fitness P... 
Outlet Price: $899.00
Diamondback 510 Upright Bike
Diamondback 510 Upright BikeDB510UB
"HEAD OF THE CLASS" award from Fitness P... 
Outlet Price: $699.00
Endurance Upright Bike
Endurance Upright BikeB2U
Designed to make getting in shape easy a... 
Retail Price:$960.00
Outlet Price: $740.00
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Endurance Electronic Upright Bike
Endurance Electronic Upright BikeB2-5U
Commercial quality upright bike puts you... 
Retail Price:$2,075.00
Outlet Price: $1,600.00
Free Shipping
Endurance Self-Generating Upright Bike
Endurance Self-Generating Upright BikeB3U
Commercial Rated, Advanced Console, Self... 
Retail Price:$2,650.00
Outlet Price: $1,995.00
Free Shipping
True ES900 Upright Bike - Emerge
True ES900 Upright Bike - EmergeTRUES900UE
With Emerge Console... 
Outlet Price: $2,099.00
True ES900 Upright Bike - Escalate
True ES900 Upright Bike - EscalateTRUES900U9TFT
With Escalate Console... 
Outlet Price: $2,399.00
True ES9.0 Upright Bike
True ES9.0 Upright BikeTRUES9.0U
Designed for those seeking a realistic c... 
Outlet Price: $1,999.00
Stamina Air Bike
Stamina Air BikeS151100
Quiet, smooth, and reliable... 
Retail Price:$599.00
Outlet Price: $499.00
Spirit XBU55 Upright Bike Trainer
Spirit XBU55 Upright Bike TrainerSPTXBU55
Easy adjustments, a cooling fan, high de... 
Retail Price:$1,199.00
Outlet Price: $999.00
Spirit CU800 Upright Bike
Spirit CU800 Upright BikeSPTCU800
Spirit CU800 Upright Bike... 
Retail Price:$1,799.00
Outlet Price: $1,599.00
Kettler Giro P Upright Bike
Kettler Giro P Upright BikeKGIROP
Kettler Giro P Upright Bike... 
Retail Price:$599.00
Outlet Price: $499.00
Free Shipping
Kettler E3 Upright Bike
Kettler E3 Upright BikeKE3
Kettler E3 Upright Bike... 
Retail Price:$1,099.00
Outlet Price: $979.00
Free Shipping
Kettler Polo M Upright Bike
Kettler Polo M Upright BikeKPOLOM
The Polo M offers a dynamic design with ... 
Retail Price:$679.00
Outlet Price: $549.00
Free Shipping
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