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For ab workouts, simplicity can often be the smartest plan of attack.  Overly complicated machines can sometimes break or become unusable.  The Ab Board or Bench allows you to perform crunches in a very comfortable position with a variety of weights, or angles.  A thick back pad is great because it enables a wider range of movement and works more of your muscles.  Some models can also allow you to perform tricep extensions.

A Hyperextension Bench is going to be a little more expensive than the typical ab board, but you will be able to get results that you couldn’t with what people often perceive as “ab machines.” The best benches give you the ability to safely perform a variety of abdominal exercises that you couldn’t perform by simply lying flat on the floor. The bench also lets the user safely perform hyper-extensions to strengthen the lower back, an area of the body that often gets neglected during workouts but that is just as important to a strong core and overall health.
   Abs and Back
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Body-Solid Roman Chair
Body-Solid Roman Chair#GRCH322
Unsurpassed development of the abdominal... 
Retail Price:$490.00
Outlet Price:$380.00
Free Shipping
Body-Solid Glute & Ham Machine
Body-Solid Glute & Ham Machine#SGH500
Unsurpassed development of the abdominal... 
Retail Price:$715.00
Outlet Price:$549.00
Free Shipping
Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board
Body-Solid Pro-Style Ab Board#GAB60
Adjusts to 12 positions for increased or... 
Retail Price:$355.00
Outlet Price:$275.00
Free Shipping
Body-Solid Semi-Recumbent Mantis Ab Bench
Body-Solid Semi-Recumbent Mantis Ab Bench#GAB300
Heavy Duty Ab Training... 
Retail Price:$490.00
Outlet Price:$370.00
Free Shipping
Body-Solid Semi-Recumbent Dual Ab Bench
Body-Solid Semi-Recumbent Dual Ab Bench#GAB350
Works your abs to perfection... 
Retail Price:$500.00
Outlet Price:$390.00
Free Shipping
Body-Solid CAM Ab Back Machine
Body-Solid CAM Ab Back Machine#GCAB360
Heavy Duty with Thick Padding... 
Retail Price:$715.00
Outlet Price:$550.00
Free Shipping
Body-Solid 45° Back Hyperextension
Body-Solid 45° Back Hyperextension#GHYP345
Heavy Duty, Adjustable Midsection Pad... 
Retail Price:$400.00
Outlet Price:$315.00
Free Shipping
Powerline Roman Chair
Powerline Roman Chair#PCH24X
Trains abs, back, glutes and hams... 
Retail Price:$275.00
Outlet Price:$210.00
Powerline 45° Back Hyperextension
Powerline 45° Back Hyperextension#PHYP200X
Set at an exact 45° angle for ultimate c... 
Retail Price:$330.00
Outlet Price:$255.00
Powerline Plate-Loaded Ab Bench
Powerline Plate-Loaded Ab Bench#PAB21X
Plate Load, Delivers six-pack abs and we... 
Retail Price:$210.00
Outlet Price:$160.00
Powerline Ab Board
Powerline Ab Board#PAB139X
Get a flatter stomach and a slimmer wais... 
Retail Price:$210.00
Outlet Price:$160.00
Best Fitness Folding Ab Board
Best Fitness Folding Ab Board#BFAB10
Adjusts and folds, no assembly required!... 
Retail Price:$155.00
Outlet Price:$120.00
Best Fitness Hyper Ab Board
Best Fitness Hyper Ab Board#BFHYP10
Ab Crunches and Back Extensions... 
Retail Price:$190.00
Outlet Price:$145.00
Best Fitness Mantis Ab Bench
Best Fitness Mantis Ab Bench#BFAB20
Offers a new angle on rock hard abs!... 
Retail Price:$355.00
Outlet Price:$275.00
Ab Coaster CTL
Patented Ab Coaster bottom up movement w... 
Outlet Price:$1,499.00
Free Shipping
Ab Coaster PS500
Ab Coaster PS500#ABCPS500
Formerly known as the Ab Coaster Pro, th... 
Outlet Price:$399.00
Free Shipping
Ab Coaster Black
Ab Coaster Black#ABCBLACK
Top of the line Ab Coaster for personal ... 
Outlet Price:$499.00
Free Shipping
Ab Coaster CS3000
Ab Coaster CS3000#ABCCS3000
The flagship product of the Ab Coaster C... 
Outlet Price:$1,499.00
Free Shipping
Ab Coaster CS1500
Ab Coaster CS1500#ABCCS1500
Perfect for Light Commercial Use... 
Outlet Price:$899.00
Free Shipping
Best Fitness Inversion Table
Best Fitness Inversion Table#BFINVER10
Defy gravity & increase flexibility... 
Retail Price:$235.00
Outlet Price:$180.00
Kettler Apollo Inversion Table
Kettler Apollo Inversion Table#KApollo
The Updated 700 Version... 
Retail Price:$479.00
Outlet Price:$399.00
Free Shipping
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