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Body Solid Home Gyms
feature materials and components of the highest quality and durability available. The are all backed by the best warranty in the industry, the Lifetime Warranty that covers Everything Forever. For additional information and service, visit the Body-Solid website at www.bodysolid.com.

All Body-Solid Home Gyms Feature:
  • Thick DuraFirm™ pads with lumbar support
  • Heavy duty 12-gauge steel construction
  • Easy to use, space saving, no-cable-change design.
  • Telescoping, chrome plated seat post
  • Tough, durable, electrostatically applied powder coat
  • 2,200lb. tension strength steel aircraft cables
  • 4½" pulleys are impact resistant fiberglass
  • All stations feature self-lubricating bronze bushings
  • Body-Solid In-Home Life Warranty. Cover everything forever. The Best Warranty in the Industry.

   Body-Solid Home Gyms
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Ultimate combination of traditional and ... 
Retail Price:$3,475.00
Outlet Price:$2,595.00
Free Shipping
Ultimate combination of traditional and ... 
Retail Price:$3,675.00
Outlet Price:$2,745.00
Free Shipping
Retail Price:$3,200.00
Outlet Price:$2,350.00
Free Shipping
Combines traditional and functional trai... 
Retail Price:$3,400.00
Outlet Price:$2,500.00
Free Shipping
The Body-Solid Standard Model... 
Retail Price:$1,485.00
Outlet Price:$1,150.00
Free Shipping
Bi-Angular® Converging Press Arms, Multi... 
Retail Price:$2,400.00
Outlet Price:$1,860.00
Free Shipping
Beyond the Basics of the G1S... 
Retail Price:$1,950.00
Outlet Price:$1,500.00
Free Shipping
Perfect Pec™ Station and 210lb. Stack... 
Retail Price:$3,000.00
Outlet Price:$2,300.00
Free Shipping
Rated a Consumer Guide® Best Buy... 
Retail Price:$3,275.00
Outlet Price:$2,525.00
Free Shipping
With 210lb. Premium Red Stack... 
Retail Price:$3,450.00
Outlet Price:$2,695.00
Free Shipping
Special Premium Edition... 
Retail Price:$3,450.00
Outlet Price:$2,695.00
Free Shipping
With 260lb. Premium Red Stack... 
Retail Price:$3,450.00
Outlet Price:$2,695.00
Free Shipping
Dual Stack, with Leg Press... 
Retail Price:$5,400.00
Outlet Price:$4,160.00
Free Shipping
Dual Stack Commercial Workhorse... 
Retail Price:$4,975.00
Outlet Price:$3,825.00
Free Shipping
The Strongest Leverage Gym with Bench... 
Retail Price:$2,835.00
Outlet Price:$2,180.00
Free Shipping
Highest Rating by Leading Consumer Magaz... 
Retail Price:$1,495.00
Sale Price: $899.00
Free Shipping
Only Available at Fitness Factory!... 
Retail Price:$1,699.00
Outlet Price:$1,249.00
Free Shipping
Two Weight Stacks and Leg Press... 
Retail Price:$4,865.00
Outlet Price:$3,750.00
Free Shipping
The Ultimate Gym with 3 Weight Stacks... 
Retail Price:$8,200.00
Outlet Price:$6,295.00
Free Shipping
For the Fusion 500 or 600... 
Retail Price:$1,000.00
Outlet Price:$765.00
Free Shipping
2:1 Ratio, For the FUSION 400, 500, or 6... 
Retail Price:$1,185.00
Outlet Price:$905.00
Free Shipping
For the Fusion 400, 500, or 600... 
Retail Price:$420.00
Outlet Price:$325.00
Free Shipping
For the Fusion 500 or 600... 
Retail Price:$350.00
Outlet Price:$270.00
Free Shipping
For the Fusion 500 or 600... 
Retail Price:$120.00
Outlet Price:$90.00
For the G2B, G3S, G5S, G6B, G10B... 
Retail Price:$585.00
Outlet Price:$450.00
Free Shipping
For Body-Solid G2B, G3S, G4I, G5S, G6B, ... 
Retail Price:$1,200.00
Outlet Price:$930.00
Free Shipping
2:1 Ratio... 
Retail Price:$1,045.00
Outlet Price:$800.00
Free Shipping
Combination Vertical Knee Raise and Dip ... 
Retail Price:$465.00
Outlet Price:$359.00
Free Shipping
Optional for #EXM3000LPS... 
Retail Price:$420.00
Outlet Price:$330.00
Free Shipping
Leg/Calf Press Option for EXM4000S... 
Retail Price:$2,485.00
Outlet Price:$1,915.00
Free Shipping
50lbs. of Selectorized Weights... 
Retail Price:$110.00
Outlet Price:$85.00
150lbs. of added weight plates ... 
Retail Price:$330.00
Outlet Price:$255.00
200lbs. of added weight plates for a sel... 
Retail Price:$440.00
Outlet Price:$340.00
Premium Selectorized Weight Plate... 
Outlet Price:$23.00
5 10lb. Plates... 
Outlet Price:$110.00
15 10lb. Plates... 
Outlet Price:$378.00
Twenty 10lb. Plates + Top Plate... 
Retail Price:$635.00
Outlet Price:$490.00
Both 5lb. and 2.5lb.... 
Retail Price:$39.99
Outlet Price:$24.99
Increase weight stack by 2.5lbs... 
Retail Price:$21.99
Outlet Price:$14.99
Increase weight stacks by 5 lb.... 
Retail Price:$24.99
Outlet Price:$19.99
Cover the pulley tower with nice metal s... 
Retail Price:$90.00
Outlet Price:$65.00
Cover the pulley tower with nice plastic... 
Retail Price:$90.00
Outlet Price:$65.00
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