Olympic Rubber Grip Weight Plates

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Easy on Floors and Racks, won't split or crack
  • 2.5lb. Black Rubber Grip Plate - ORT2-5
  • Price: $3.75
  • 5lb. Black Rubber Grip Plate - ORT5
  • Price: $7.50
  • 10lb. Black Rubber Grip Plate - ORT10
  • Price: $15.00
  • 25lb. Black Rubber Grip Plate - ORT25
  • Price: $37.50
  • 35lb. Black Rubber Grip Plate - ORT35
  • Price: $52.50
  • 45lb. Black Rubber Grip Plate - ORT45
  • Price: $67.50
  • 100lb. Black Rubber Grip Plate - ORT100
  • Price: $150.00
  • 255lbs. of Rubber Grip Weight Plates - ORST255
  • Price: $382.00
  • 355lbs. of Rubber Grip Weight Plates - ORST355
  • Price: $532.00
  • 455lbs. of Rubber Grip Weight Plates - ORST455
  • Price: $682.00


Encased in durable, heavy-duty rubber to prevent scuffing or damage to equipment, walls or floors. Impact-resistant, these Olympic Plates will not split, crack or peel.  Quad-grip design guarantees safer and easier performance than any other plate on the market.  They are also impervious to rusting, chipping, flaking or losing their color. And the integrated metal sleeve provides a smooth, secure fit onto any Olympic bar.

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255lb. Set includes: (2) 45lb. (2) 35lb. (2) 25lb. (2) 10lb. (4) 5lb. (2) 2.5lb. plates
355lb. Set includes: (4) 45lb. (2) 35lb. (2) 25lb. (2) 10lb. (6) 5lb. (2) 2.5lb. plates
455lb. Set includes: (6) 45lb. (2) 35lb. (2) 25lb. (4) 10lb. (4) 5lb. (2) 2.5lb. plates

Dimensions in Inches

Weight Thickness Diameter
2.5lbs. 1 7
5lbs. 1.25 8.25
10lbs. 1.5 10.75
25lbs. 1.75 13.75
35lbs. 1.875 15.75
45lbs. 2 17.5
100lbs. 3.5 17.5

U.S. Pat. No. 5,137,502 under license from Iron Grip Barbell Company, Inc.

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Customer Reviews ( 3)

As good as the gym. -
Rate: 5
Very good quality.
None so far.
I would highly recommend these. I bought the rubberized version to reduce the chance of accidental damage to my basement floor.

Rubber grip -
Rate: 5
Excellent weight set. Wears well. Looks good. You will look good lifting this set (though maybe not as good as I look).
None experienced.

Rubber weight plates - Scott schumacher
Rate: 5
Awesome plates,easy to handle,load and unload quickly,will definitely buy more of these.