Body-Solid Multi Press Rack

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7 degree reverse pitch, heavy duty 2"x3" construction
Price: $550.00
Retail: $710.00
weight: 151 lbs


Save big with the Press Rack Package - rack, bench, olympic weight set
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Fitness professional, coaches, and personal trainers agree that a heavy-duty rack with easy-to-use adjustments and a barbell set go a long way in the world of strength training. Freeweight training is most effective when the user feels safe enough to use heavy weight and push the envelope. Body-Solid is here to make sure you get the absolute most from your workout., the ability to push your limits, the room to excel. Our Full Commercial Multi-Press Rack is an industrial strength training partner that doesn't try to change how you workout, it works with you.

Designed with an extra-wide 4-point stance, the GPR370 is a rock-solid performer that features a 7° reverse pitch that accommodates your body's natural lifting path. Lift-off and safety positions are right where you want the so racking the bar is always comfortable and predictable. Perform squats, calf raises, lunges, dead-lifts, upright rows, and many, many more power building exercises. For increased workout capacity, add any freeweight bench and do bench, incline, decline, and shoulder press routines. If you are looking to bulk up and build power, or simply to tone your muscles and increase performance, the Multi-Press Rack is definitely the foundation of the ultimate freeweight system.

Dimensions: 74" H, 45" L, 64" H

Weight plates, bar, and collars optional


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Customer Reviews ( 5)

Excellent, low-cost substitute for Smith machine - J. Preston
Rate: 5
I have very good things to say about Body-Solid. I have at least five of their pieces of equipment in my home exercise regimen. Their equipment is well-designed, with the user in mind, well-built, and, though made in China, is constructed with excellent quality control. It is, as they advertised, built to last a lifetime.

I received this machine by FedEx (about 180 lbs) in two boxes. Shipping costs are a factor in shopping for price on this rack. I got free shipping.

It took me about two hours to fully assemble. The good news is that I was able to assemble the entire rack with only a 3/4" socket and a 3/4 " box wrench.

I think that who ever made the assembly instructions did not talk fully with the design engineers. This is really well-designed. The picture and the instructions show the racks on the outside of the vertical supports. It works fine if you assemble it this way. However, if you assemble it this way you can only use 7 foot olympic bars. I assembled it with the racks on the inside of the vertical supports.

You have to reverse the racks so the the numbering on the racks are on the inside, and, you have to reverse the safeties. However, with the racks and safeties reversed I can comfortably use a 6 foot olympic bar for curls, in addition to a 7 foot bar for bench presses and squats.

If you can obtain this at a decent price, including shipping, then it is a fantastic bargain. It almost replaces most Smith machines, a bench press rack, a squat rack, a weight tree, and, with a bench, can be used for presses, dumbells, or, without a bench, can be used for overhead presses and jerks at failure point.

A note for mature users: I am 54, and, after fracturing both shoulders I am slowly coming back to condition. For rehab, this machine is ideal. The safeties are very secure, and, it gives you the confidence to push through the pain, and, develop the muscles you need for support while healing.

This item gets and "excellent" from me all the way around. . . .

Fantastic.. - Jay H
Rate: 5
I was a bit skeptical about the quality of this unit due to the lack of reviews posted here. Much to my surprise, this rack is solid and well worth every penny although I did save a few dollars by purchasing directly from the dealer.

What the description doesn't tell you is the spotting arms are easily removed or adjustable at very close increments to accommodate every exercise from incline and flat benching to squats without a problem.

The rack is extremely stable and solid and I highly recommend this unit to anyone wishing to build or upgrade their home home gym. I would rate this higher if I could.

Just a short comment on quality - P. Miller
Rate: 5
I agree with every positive thing said about the product so far. Also, the uprights are 2"x3" steel tubing (I'm pretty sure it's 11 gauge). The thing is rock solid. I put a bar across the top of the uprights and do pull-ups on it like it's a swing set. This rack isn't like something you find at your local sporting goods store, this is a very sturdy, high quality rack that's made from very thick steel.

I use it in combination with the Ironmaster Super Bench, another great product.

Extremely good deal - M. Moore
Rate: 5
As stated by others, this is a solid rack. In several ways the safety features - especially the spotting arms - are even more versatile than what we had at the gym. The free shipping doesn't hurt, either.

Assembly instructions are a mislabeled bear in a hard-to-find corner of the paperwork, but thankfully you're not building an entertainment center or anything. Ignore them (or neglect to try and find them, heh). Just refer to the exploded diagram to tell you where the bolts and metal plates go, start by hooking the feet to the back upright bars, and remember not to tighten everything fully until the whole thing's assembled. You'll be fine. With two of us working at it, we had it ready to go in an hour.

All in all, a great addition to your home gym!

Commercial Gym Quality, at a Good Price, at Your Convenience - Tim P
Rate: 5
As a 50 year old exercise enthusiast, I think I've tried just about everything fitness-related by now, from stretchy bands to bendy rods to selectorized pulleys, but free weights still seem to get the job done best for me. And a good free weight rack can do wonders to enhance your workout potential. I did a lot of research before purchasing my Multi Press Rack, doing endless online searches and a good amount of fitness equipment store visiting before finally pulling the trigger on this one. As noted by others, this rack is rock-solid, but still fairly easy to move around. The gun rack-style bar supports allows for secure and easy racking and unracking of weights. The bar support/spotter arms are a nice touch, and are sturdy and easily adjustable. All this in a modest footprint, so it won't needlessly crowd your workout space. The instructions could have been a little more clear, but it only took a bit over an hour to assemble, with just a socket wrench and a crescent wrench. This is a well-designed, commercial gym quality piece of equipment, and was well worth the price.