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4 positions from 0 to 90 degrees, comes fully assembled!
Price: $155.00
Retail: $205.00
weight: 43 lbs


For barbell and dumbbell exercises, the right bench provides the foundation to a solid strength-training program. No one piece of equipment provides as much exercise versatility as a flat, incline and decline bench.

Designed to be used straight out of the box, the Best Fitness Folding Bench is functional, compact, portable and durable to offer all the flexibility you need to get all the benefits of resistance training without the high cost of a home gym. When your finished with your workout, simply fold it up, and store it away!

The BFFID10 lets you pull the pin on 12 different starting positions for a variety of exercises and a varying degree of for each session. The BFFID10 Folding Bench allows multiple angle back pad adjustment from flat to a 75-degree angle; ideal for a variety of barbell and dumbbell exercises.

  • 12 starting positions: Easily adjusts from a 10° negative decline to a 70° positive incline starting position
  • Safety pins and bolts allow for easy adjustments, disassembly or permanent set up
  • Can also be used in conjunction with preacher curl accessory
  • No assembly required. Just open the box and start working out



Better Bodies Begin with Best Fitness

Determining a regimen of regular workouts and exercise programs that accommodate your comfort, skill level and workout goals is the first step to a lifetime of health benefits, but, many people are intimidated by the thought of joining a health club, and others haven't yet discovered the particular exercises and routines that are right for them.

That's why Best Fitness is committed to providing our customers with machines and equipment tailored to your everyday needs for easy-to-do workouts and easy-to-achieve results. Best of all, some of the most basic and efficient exercises can be accomplished in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Dumbbell and barbell workouts have remained an easy, inexpensive way to get in shape and strengthen muscles. They use many of the body’s natural movement patterns and also incorporate a greater range of movement than many other types of fitness equipment. The flexibility of dumbbell workouts means that you can target specific areas of the body very effectively.

Working with dumbbells and barbells has several advantages over other types of equipment that use resistance. For instance, by their very nature, dumbbell workouts require you to use stabilizing muscles that are important to strength, balance, and posture.

The Best Fitness BFFID10 Folding Bench is packed with the features you want at a price you can afford. Best of all, you'll achieve your goals and enjoy the results of superior engineering and design.

  • Flat Press
  • Incline Press
  • Decline press
  • Optional preacher curl station

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Customer Reviews ( 3)

Great Bench! - Barrett Withers
Rate: 5
This is a super bench for the price. It has 4 different height adjustable positions and each leg can be either folded or reclined to a different angle to further incline or decline this bench. Also both legs can be folded to make a great floor bench for floor presses as well or to simply be tucked away until your next workout. This is a great product that came already put together right out of the box. If all of best fitness's products are of this quality then they've got a new full time customer.:)

More Bench for Bucks ! - Jerome E. Owens
Rate: 4
After searching numerous times for a bench that has Decline,Incline & Flat features,at a reasonable cost,This is my choice. Many go to incline from flat but only about 1/4 also have the 3rd Decline as well.I already have 3 weight benches in my home gym.2 of 3 do incline, none do decline.For the last year or so I've been sticking a cement block under the bottom of my bench. If it's gonna cost me $300.00 I'll keep useing the block,man.This weight bench is of heavy construction,47 lbs I beleive.That's double the one I was considering and it didn't even go to decline I found out luckily,prior to purchase. Be sure to read the features and make sure it does what you need it to do. I beleive with this one,I can get rid of the 3 benches I've got. Jerome Owens

Budget Bench, Great quality and function - Fuzzy Wuzzy
Rate: 5
As usual, Amazon's shipping is unrivaled. The bench was delivered in great condition and was very easy to set up. Supplied are clamps and nuts/bolts. You can use the clamps for easy dismantling and storing or nuts/bolts for a permanent fixture. The bench has 4 different positions from flat to incline and i think can be adjusted to multiple other positions if you play around with the legs. overall i'm one of those consumers who researches products for months and reads reviews extensively. if you're one of those customers, then this bench is the one to get. the price is just right--won't hit your wallet and does not take up much floor space

The leather is soft and comfortable, keeps moisture/sweat from seeping in--so you won't have a smelly workbench.

The bench is long enough for tall people as well and is very sturdy--made out of good quality materials. you can also check out bestfitness's website for extra accessories for your bench or w/e

for those of you who need some exercise tips, check out for free videos, guides, routines, etc I don't work for that site, just stumbled on it and thought i'd share with the community. cheers