Dip Stands and Towers (10)

Dips are a safe, simple and effective way to work your chest and triceps – they are more effective than push-ups because you are using your entire body weight (and with a belt you could be using even more) throughout the movement, and they are much safer than the bench press because there isn’t a substantial amount of weight directly above your body as you grow tired from performing reps. You don’t need a spotter, you don’t need an Olympic bench and barbell that take up a ton of space – all you need is a good dip stand to get the most out of this incredible exercise and here are the top five stands to choose from.

When it comes to body weight exercises, you can’t do much better than Pull Ups. Pull up bars are great not just for pull ups, but for a myriad of abdominal exercises and others as well. The challenge is finding anything that is capable of sustaining a person’s entire bodyweight for an extended period of time. When searching for a free standing pull up bar you want to keep in mind the amount of space that it will take up, and just how much you are getting for your money. Other specifications that may be important to users are portability and accessibility of the bar.