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Functional Training Videos

These 49 exercises are all done on the Body-Solid Functional Trainer #GDCC200, though any home gym with pulley stations may substitute. Improve your core, build your strength, and increase your endurance.

Click on the exercises below to watch the video clip. Link will open a new tab to a YouTube viewer- no downloads required. Thanks to our model, Dina Castillo, and UNICUS Fitness for helping to produce these exercises. www.unicusfitness.com

Upper Body

Standing Chest Press   Shown Above
Standing Chest Fly
Standing Incline Press
Standing Incline Fly
Lying Chest Press
Lying Chest Fly
Lying Incline Chest Press
Lying Incline Chest Fly
Standing Shoulder Press
Standing Alternating Shoulder Press
Standing Lunge Forward Press
Standing Lunge Overhead Press
Standing Lunge to Curl
Standing Front Lateral Raise
Standing Overhead Tricep Extension
One Arm Cable Lateral
One Arm Cross Body Lateral
One Arm Standing Row
One Arm Low Row
One Arm Bicep Curl
One Arm Overhead Tricep Extension
One Arm Tricep Pushdown
Bent Over Concentration Curl
Two Arm Bicep Curl
Underhand Pull Up
Kneeling Lat Pulldown
Woodchop- Low to High
Woodchop- High to Low
Horizontal Woodchop

Swiss Ball

Swiss Ball Incline Press
Swiss Ball Incline Fly
Swiss Ball Shoulder Press
Swiss Ball Bicep Curl
Swiss Ball Tricep Extension
Swiss Ball One Arm Row
Swiss Ball Lat Pulldown
Swiss Ball One Arm High Row
Swiss Ball Tricep Push down
Swiss Ball Crossbody Woodchop

Legs & Glutes

Standing Outer Thigh Raise
Standing Inner Thigh Lift
Standing Inner Hip Flexion
Standing Leg Extension
Standing Hip Extension
Standing Leg Curl
Standing Glute Kick

Whole Body

Squat to Press
One Legged Reach to Row