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CrossCore Inc.

CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training Systems were originally developed in the USA for the military and MMA fighters. The War Machine® and CrossCore180® are now available to the general public in the US and International markets and are currently in use by professional athletes and sports teams, schools, clubs, military and rehabilitation facilities.

The rotation and versatility of the CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training Systems™ allow athletes and first responders to duplicate and train for the movements they perform out on the field and in the streets. The ability to pinpoint and duplicate these movements will make a difference in sports performance on game day and could help save the life of you or your brothers when duty calls.

The key to the effectiveness of both the War Machine® and CrossCore180® lies within the Patent Pending pulley system. For a more stabilized workout, comparable to other "strap" type products, leave the pin engaged in the pulley. But when it's time to get serious, "PULL THE PIN" letting the pulley rotate freely and take your training where its never been before.
Train as nature intended, with ROTATION.

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Rotational Bodyweight Training Systems
CrossCore180 Rotational Bodyweight Training System
Retail Price $249.99
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CrossCore Rings and Straps Combo
Everyday Low Price $67.99
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CrossCore Multi Purpose Half Rack
Everyday Low Price $1,149.99
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CrossCore Wall Mounted Rack
Retail Price $359.00
Everyday Low Price $329.00
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