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The Ab Coaster is a revolutionary exercise device that is taking abdominal training in a whole new direction. The Ab Coaster's bottom-up motion works your entire abdominal area in each rep so you see results fast.

Ab Coaster CS1500
New features include smooth stainless st... 
Retail Price $1,099.00
$999 MSRP $1,099.00
Ab Coaster CS3000
Flagship product of the Ab Coaster Serie... 
Retail Price $1,599.00
$1499 MSRP $1,599.00
Ab Coaster CTL
Features the patented Ab Coaster bottom-... 
Retail Price $1,599.00
$1499 MSRP $1,599.00
TireFlip 180
The Patented TireFlip 180 is an innovati... 
Retail Price $1,999.00
$1799 MSRP $1,999.00
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TireFlip 180 XL
The Patented TireFlip 180XL is an innova... 
Retail Price $2,199.00
$1999 MSRP $2,199.00
X3S Pro
This simple machine delivers the best de... 
Retail Price $599.00
$499 MSRP $599.00
X3S Bench
For the first time, a chair-bench combin... 
Retail Price $499.00
$399 MSRP $499.00
X3S Elite
For the first time, a chair-bench combin... 
Retail Price $399.00
$299 MSRP $399.00
The Abs Bench
The Abs Bench incorporates the same ergo... 
Retail Price $699.00
$599 MSRP $699.00
The Abs Bench X2
The Abs Bench X2 is designed with dual p... 
Retail Price $1,599.00
$1499 MSRP $1,599.00
Lumbar X Back Hyperextension Bench
This 45-degree back extension bench is a... 
Retail Price $699.00
$599 MSRP $699.00
Target Abs Fixed Angle Ab Bench
TARGET ABS is an abdominal training benc... 
Retail Price $999.00
$899 MSRP $999.00
Vertical Crunch Ab Bench
The Vertical Crunch is a complete Core T... 
Retail Price $2,099.00
$1999 MSRP $2,099.00
Ab Solo by the Abs Company
The Ab Solo is a fun and effective abdom... 
Retail Price $2,599.00
$2499 MSRP $2,599.00
Battle Rope ST® System with Brackets
Two great training methods in one awesom... 
Retail Price $329.00
$299 MSRP $329.00