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Harbinger Fitness

Harbinger was founded in 1988 by David McCrane, a long time sports enthusiast and inventor. At the time, McCrane worked in the skateboard industry and saw the need for a wrist-stabilizing glove that would provide skaters with protection and wrist support, and not interfere with their skating… and the patented WristWrap glove was born. While traveling to promote his WristWrap glove invention, McCrane sat next to an associate of 8-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney. After a long chat, McCrane realized the opportunity for the WristWrap technology in weight training gloves. McCrane developed a line of weight training gear using Haney as inspiration which quickly positioned Harbinger as a force in the fitness market.

Harbinger 4 Inch Padded Leather Belt
$22.00 MSRP $25.00
Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Gloves
$21.99 MSRP $23.99
Harbinger FlexFit Gloves
$21.99 MSRP $23.99
Harbinger Women s FlexFit Gloves
$19.99 MSRP $23.99
Harbinger Training Grip® Wristwrap Gloves
$29.00 MSRP $30.00
Harbinger 7.5 Inch FirmFit Contour Belt
$27.00 MSRP $28.00
Harbinger 4 Inch Nylon Belt
$16.99 MSRP $19.99
Harbinger Padded Lifting Straps
Harbinger Pink Padded Lifting Straps
Harbinger Big Grip® Pro Lifting Straps
Harbinger Thumb Loop Wristwrap
Harbinger Power Knee Wraps
Harbinger Stabilized Knee Sleeves
Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps
Retail Price $24.99
$22.49 MSRP $24.99
Harbinger Big Grip Barbell Grips
Harbinger Tricep Bicep Bar Grips
Retail Price $29.99
$26.99 MSRP $29.99
Harbinger Power Hand Grip