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Corporate Wellness Programs

With health care costs continuing to rise at alarming rates, it is more important than ever before to keep your employees healthy. Corporate wellness programs can help you do just that. There are many benefits of corporate wellness programs including: employees tend to be more productive, have lower health care costs, lower rates of absenteeism and presenteeism, and have fewer workers’ compensation claims. Because of the many benefits of corporate wellness, most companies view wellness programs as an investment in their most valuable asset, their employees. With proven returns of $3 in savings for every $1 invested, companies have become believers.

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Products for ANY Facility

  •   Treadmills
  •   Elliptical Trainers
  •   Exercise Bikes
  •   Rowers
  •   Selectorized Gyms
  •   Leverage Machines
  •   Dual Station Macines
  •   Freeweights
  •   Racks & Benches

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs: Statistics

  • Preventable illness makes up at least 70 percent of all illness and the associated costs
  • The total cost of obesity to U.S. employers is $13 billion per year
  • Obese Americans spend about 36 percent more on health services and 77 percent more on medications than people of healthy weight. That’s more than heavy smokers or heavy drinkers
  • Job stress is estimated to cost $200 to $300> billion annually in absenteeism, tardiness, and lost productivity

Corporate Wellness Program Details
Our Corporate wellness program offers an incredible way for companies and employees to fully reap the benefits of a physically fit corporate environment. Our corporate wellness discount allows your company to purchase commercial grade equipment for your corporate fitness facility, with the help of our experienced staff, at greatly reduced factory direct pricing. In addition, you will be able to generously offer your corporate wellness discount to your employees, so they too can purchase equipment for their homes to continue their wellness program outside of the office. It costs you absolutely nothing to offer your employees this buying privilege, but the rewards are endless. An enhanced work environment and an additional no cost employee benefit creates a healthier more attractive and productive workplace for current and future employees. Our Corporate Wellness program is a fiscally fit way to increase your bottom line.

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