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Whether your fitness goals are big (lose fat, gain serious muscle, improve athleticism, get in competition shape, etc.), small (drop 10 pounds and develop better muscle tone) or somewhere in between, the choices of how to go about reaching that goal are more numerous, and potentially overwhelming, than ever.

Fortunately, at FitnessFactory.com, we've made the job you're about to do a lot easier. We only feature the best exercise choices because we only carry the best products in the fitness marketplace, not the exercise gimmicks that are all over the TV and Internet. Plus, you will notice that it's far easier to surf through our website than wade through a sporting good store that often doesn't have the variety or quality of products you need.

Because of the outstanding quality and service we provide, you can't go wrong here. All our products are highly rated in the industry and with consumers alike, and come with the best warranties you will find, in case for any reason you decide the product isn't available. Our products not only look good, they last. We' ve been in business for 20 years, and we hope you will agree it shows.

Now it's time to learn how to use this website and find the products right for you. To get those valuable answers, you must ask yourself some questions:

1)As the above opening paragraph stated, your fitness goals drive your product need. So, what are they?

The top goals usually are to lose fat and/or build muscle. The best way to lose fat, while improving cardiovascular fitness, is cardio exercise, and we carry the three most popular types of cardio machines: treadmills, ellipticals and bikes. Cardio exercise also, of course, boosts your levels of athleticism, endurance, energy, and even mood.

The best way to build muscle, whether you're just trying to tone up or stockpile serious mass, is strength training. We have all the pieces of strength-training equipment that you need to pack on muscle and/or tone your physique from top to bottom. Strength training also boosts your metabolism, builds bone density (protecting against osteoporosis), improves athleticism (including strength and power), and helps insure yourself against injury.

Consequently, for the best results, and the best possible body, it's important to combine both cardio and strength training in your workouts, and that's why you should seriously consider purchasing both types of equipment. after all, if you own equipment that can deliver a complete workout, then you're much more likely to develop a complete body.

2)Before we tackle how to decide between these different pieces of equipment, the next question is ready for you: how much room do you have for the fitness equipment?

Maybe you have a garage, basement or private training studio that you want to thoroughly outfit. Or maybe it's just a corner of a room that you've earmarked for your own home gym.

If you have a lot of space, then there are few limitations about what you can buy, except you want to be sure to obtain a good variety of training equipment with limited overlap. If your space is limited then you want to choose cardio and strength-training equipment that doesn't eat up room, and practically can be put away. Both ways are easily traveled roads at FitnessFactory.com.

3)Final question before we go into greater detail about the appropriate equipment for you: what is your budget?

Browsing our site will quickly tell you that you can shop at practically any budget level, as every category has high-end to relatively low-cost products. Plus, nothing we carry is cheaply made, so you will not find absurdly cheap equipment because that would compromise safety, function, to say nothing about aesthetics! Instead, we offer Factory Direct pricing and get rid of the middleman in order to save you the consumer money. Also, we feature a 31-day price guarantee.

With our help, you now can put together your own high-class training studio or a very economic mini-gym.

4) Putting it together: what makes sense for you?

In order to build a body that looks and performs like you want, experts agree that you need to have access to both cardio equipment as well as strength-training equipment. Let's take a quick look at the five categories and discuss the different equipment.

Cardio category:

  • Treadmills, ellipticals and bikes all work the body differently, but can arrive at a similarly successful, lean result. It's important to recognize which mode you are more likely to use, and purchase accordingly. For example, some of us are born runners, while others hate to run. Some like all three options. To continually challenge your body, plus prevent any overuse injuries, it's always recommended to change up your cardio workouts.
  • If you are going the moderate budget direction when deciding which model(s) to go with, distinguish which features you "can't exercise without" and those you can.

Gym Systems category:

  • Home Gyms are a popular choice for those wanting a huge variety of exercise moves as a part of one apparatus. Some are space-saving while others would right at home at a state-of-the-art health club.
  • Freeweight Systems are designed for the serious lifter who wants maximum gains in strength and size. The versatility of exercises, advanced safety features, and top-rate stability and durability of the machines allow for a heavy-duty workout without the need for a spotter.
  • Power Rack Systems also allow serious lifters to work out safely with heavy weights without needing a spotter. Get impressive freedom of movement along with adjustable racking and important safety positions. The full-cage power rack is the industry standard and has been used by top athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters everywhere.
  • Smith Systems has had literally tens of thousands of customers from Fitness Factory in the last 10 years, when we introduced an affordable version of the health-club stable called the Smith Machine. It gives you the unbeatable combination of free-weight power with safety and control of a machine. On the high end is the brand new, state-of-the-art Series 7 Smith Gym that delivers all the same exercises you can do in a fully equipped gym, but with precise biomechanical movements you expect from Body-Solid Smith Systems.

Freeweight category:

  • The subcategories of Multi-function, Arms & Shoulders, Abs & Back, and Legs & Hips all include machines for one or more body parts. Pick out one or two machines from each to assemble a complete top-grade fitness studio; couple the multifunctional cable crossover machine with a Gym System; group the leg extension/leg curl machine with a free-weight set-up; the options are endless.
  • Weight Benches allow you to perform some of the most important and fundamental strength-training moves with a barbell or dumbbells, as well as core moves. Couple it with a power rack, smith machine or use it solo. Get an adjustable one for decline, incline and upright positioning.

Iron category:

  • Get the best quality weight plates, bars & collars, dumbbells and racks to complete the free-weight portion of your gym, or to simply use with a weight bench.

Accessories category:

  • Sometimes the little things are the most important, including in the training game. Here we have cable attachments, resistance training items (like Swiss balls, medicine balls and exercise mats), training aids (such as top exercise books), and gear (such as weight belts, training gloves and straps).

Now you know more closely what you want to look like, where you want to put the equipment, how much you want to spend on the equipment, as well as what the many quality options are at Fitness Factory to fit your criteria. It's time for you to have some fun getting the products that will change your life, and probably many others as well. Whether you want to get everything at once, or buy one piece at a time, you now have the power to design your own home workout with the best exercise equipment in the business at the best possible prices.