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Serious Strap
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Serius Strap Original Suspension Training
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Item # SS17300 Weight: 2 lbs
The most advanced features in Suspension Conditioning
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Exercise should be fun, functional, and challenging - the SERIUS STRAP makes exercise all this and more.  The SERIUS STRAP uses your body weight for resistance, which gives you total control of how much resistance you are using while exercising any part of your body.  Body Weight exercise is the most productive and fundamental exercise you will ever experience.


Every inch of the "Made in America" SERIUS STRAP has been designed with your safety and success in mind. No expense has been spared to make your SERIUS STRAP from the from the finest industrial grade components. Our MADE IN AMERICA Quality is inspected at every step of the assembly process to assure that there is no need to worry about the quality of your SERIUS STRAP.

MarV 3-Position Fitness Handles found on all Serius Straps were originally developed for use in physical therapy and rehabilitation, they are now available to you on the SERIUS STRAP. Research has shown that exercise performed using the Grip position on the Handle is 30% more effective than those using a common stirrup grip. You can also position your hands and wrists in a Natural and Standard position for your safety and exercise effectiveness.

The Serius Foot Cradles hold your foot comfortably and securely. They are easier to get in and out of than any other body weight trainer, and are big enough for the largest of shoes. Foot Cradles Clip one Foot Cradle to two Handle Straps and you have a Leg Cradle for side planks!

About Body Weight Exercise

Body weight exercise is the most popular form of exercise today.  You will find it in gyms, health clubs, professional training studios, boot camps, professional and college training facilities, and in youth sports conditioning classes worldwide.  Why?  Because it conditions you to perform in the real world, a world where you move in multiple planes and angles, walk on inclines, up, down, and across hills, crawl under tables, and chase kids, pets, and runaway grocery carts.  Exercise with the SERIUS STRAP prepares you to be the best pet chaser in your neighborhood.

If it is youth or adult sports conditioning you are after, functional body weight exercise is the rage in training rooms everywhere.  The SERIUS STRAP with the MarV 3-Position Handle is the most technically advanced fitness combination you will find, and it’s so easy to train like a pro athlete, you won’t believe it.

Set Includes:

1. Two (2) Handle and Anchor Straps that feature our exclusive MarV® 180 Degree Rotating Handle; these handles give you the ability to correctly position your wrists in the optimal position to maximize your exercise, safety, and comfort.

2. Bundles sewn into the straps lock the straps in place when used over a door. The end of the straps includes a metal clip ring used to wrap the strap around an over head anchor point and clip in place.

3. 1" polyethylene webbing and hardware is rated at over 600 pounds tensile strength for your security and safety.

4. Adjust your straps up or down with the cam buckle to increase or decrease the amount of lean and resistance you need.

5. Foot cradles are attached to both handles allowing you to secure one or both feet for plank, leg, and core exercises.

6. Easy to follow training manual that will guide you through the use of the Pro Serius Strap and put you on the road to true, functional fitness.

7. 20 minute Instructional DVD and wall chart to get you on your way.

What is a MarV®?

MarV®, which stands for "Multi-Angular Rotating Vector," was designed by Colorado based Physical Therapist, David Berman, MS, PT, COMT, CSCS, who wanted a more effective method of resistance exercise for his patients.  Not only is it more comfortable, safe, and reliable--it is more effective.  MarV Handles can be found in physical therapy clinics around the world, and now for the first time in the exercise market - on the SERIUS STRAP.

Why is the MarV Handle so valuable to you?
First and most importantly, it gives you a significantly better exercise result with less effort, and that’s what you’re after, isn’t it?

MarV Handles on the 
give you multiple, distinctly different, easy to use grip positions for each exercise. This allows you to choose the grip that’s most comfortable, that will target the muscles you wish to target, reduce your body lean while maintaining the maximum resistance, and get more results in less time.                                                       


Channel Grip:
University studies show the MarV 3-Position Handle in the Channel Grip position, provides 30% more muscle activation than a traditional handle--that's a significant improvement!  The Channel Grip position, a patent pending feature of the MarV Handle, also gives you a level of joint stabilization never offered before in an upper body resistance product.  Now you get the most sought after benefits of core training in your upper body workouts. 


Natural Grip:
When you use the Natural Grip position, you reduce the wrist’s involvement in an exercise.  This allows you to accurately target muscles in the forearm, bicep, and shoulder. You can also duplicate exercises you can do on the triceps ropes, cambered curl bars, and cambered grips on weight machines in the gym (cambered means the wrist is positioned at an angle instead of horizontal or thumb up).


Stirrup Grip:
You can choose the familiar Stirrup Grip for any of the exercises you can do on the SERIUS STRAP.  While the handle is in the Stirrup grip position, you can manually rotate the handle to duplicate a Vertical or cambered grip quickly and easily.  This feature is so cool, you’re going to lo


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