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Lat Blaster Bar

LBB28 - Turn a Straight Bar into a Lat Machine

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Lat Blaster Bar

Use with the T-Bar Row Platform #TBR10 or #TBR20

Your training routine will take on an exciting new approach with this Lat Blaster Bar. The highly specialized design automatically hits the Lats at the ideal biomechanical angle for specific Latissimus isolation, lower back protection and full range-of-motion. Easily fits on most Standard and Olympic Bars and incorporates the main features found in the most expensive gym equipment.

Straight bar, platform, and weights sold seperately.


The only choice!

Your quality, construction and value is incredible and in my opinion, there is nowhere else to go for such fine products as Fitness Factory Outlet Neal Dzik
Seattle, WA

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Outstanding - Marc Dennon "marc"
Rate: 5 out of 5
Has ideal size to hit the upper back and lats, huge improvement over working out on t bar row without it. Knob ties perfectly on my standard size bar. I stand on two thick plates to allow for some extra stretch. I also bought the T bar row bracket from TDS becauseit has separate tubes designed for standard bars and olympic size bars. I am very satisfied with my purchase!

Awesome bar - Sum Yung Guy "Sum Yung Guy"
Rate: 5 out of 5
Awesome built quality. Perfect angles and spacing of handles. Nice grip on handles also. Love doing t-bar rows now rather than bentover BB-rows, which strains my back.

Just what I wanted - M. Emerson
Rate: 5 out of 5
I do t-bar rows just by putting one end of an olympic bar in a corner, load the weights on the other end, then use a v handle attachment over the bar then row. I wanted a way to get a wider grip because the v handle is close grip and I wanted to work my back at a better angle. Normally Id just do a standard wide grip overhand barbell row but the lat blaster allows me to get that wider grip while using my old t-bar row setup. I like using this bar better than standard barbell rows because it seems that it works the upper back well without the stress on the lower back with the bent over row. Also its a lot easier to do drop sets when the weight is basically right in front of you. I still rotate my back exercises as well as grip width on the various exercises but this attachment will get a lot of use.

Theres a T-Bar Row Platform you hook onto a power rack that I am thinking about getting to do the rows with. I have never had a problem with the end of the bar I stick in the corner sliding around but I suppose it could happen.

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Weight: 5 lbs

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