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Nylon Head Harness with Chain

Nylon Head and Neck Harness

MA307N - Strengthen your neck for contact sports training

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Nylon Head Harness

Strengthen your neck for contact sports training

Recommended for all athletes and specifically designed for those in contact sports, head harnesses condition the neck and upper back muscles. Features include the finest quality materials, extra-heavy D rings and steel chain. Completely padded with high density neoprene to absorb shock and prevent cuts, chafing and abrasion. Use them with free weights or hook them to a high or low pulley on a machine.

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Strengthen your neck for contact sports training
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Really 5 stars - Comfortable, well-padded head harness - The Thinker
Rate: 5 out of 5
Review update: After a few months using the harness, I just realized I could easily disconnect the chain from the very nice carabiner-type clip, and the chain will easily pass through the standard 1-inch hole in the center of a weight plate. So this harness now has my unqualified, strong recommendation. Incidentally, the neck exercise has continued to improve my posture and my appearance. A valuable addition to my routine!

I spent about an hour reading about different head harnesses before trying this one. I have been using it for a few weeks, and I am very happy with it. It is well padded with foam rubber covered in cloth, and the padding is about 1/2 inch thick, so it does not hurt or damage my skin to use it. The hardware is sturdy, including the clips that connect the chain to the part that fits on your head. I use weight plates that have three holes around the sides of them to make it easy to pick up the plates with one hand. These holes are larger than the hole in the middle of the plates. The clips on the ends of the chain are so large that they would not go through the hole in the middle of the plates, but this is not a problem because of the larger holes. But if you are using the old-fashioned plates that have only a hole in the center (and I'm not talking about Olympic plates with a large center hole), you may not be able to thread the chain through the hole in the center of the plate.

A head harness like this makes it easy to work your neck muscles in a way that seems impossible using any other technique. Within a few weeks, my neck has become significantly stronger, and this has practical value because it is improving my posture and making it easier to look over my shoulder when I back out of the driveway. I do not expect to develop a large neck, and it's not my goal to do that. I just want to have a reasonable amount of fitness throughout my body, and this harness makes it easy to have a reasonable amount of strength in my neck.

Body Solid Head Harness - John W. Yanzuk II
Rate: 5 out of 5
I bought a VERY cheap neck developer that only lasted about a week before the straps broke. I bought the Body Solid based on a review. It's lasted a couple of months, and I've hung a 50lb kettlebell from it without any problems. I have a fairly small head, and the head harness is velcro adjustable but still very snug fit wise. The neoprene padding takes some of the tension off of your brow/ear area, but the rings can irritate the ears. I advise wearing a beanie or a thin towel underneath, assuming your noggin is no bigger than a coconut. Otherwise, it is a good purchase. Enjoy!

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