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Go! Vitality DVD Series

Go! Vitality Training Series 3 DVD Set

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Go! Vitality Training Series 3 DVD Set

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Go! Vitality Training Series is a state of the art cardio/strength training system employing over 492 workout combinations presented by international fitness stars Geoff Bagshaw, Sharon Mann and Krista Popowych and designed specifically to propel your body to dramatically enhanced levels of health and conditioning.


Vitality Training Series is considered the single most effective workout series on the
market today due to its unmatched use of the “Muscle Confusion” exercise principle.
Most fitness DVD’s follow a single repetitive routine that in short time the human
body will adapt to. This adaptation severely slows weight loss and toning goals thus
creating what is referred to as a “Training Plateau”. Vitality Training Series effectively
avoids training plateaus 100% by utilizing muscle confusion thru an interactive routine
designer which allows users to customize their workouts from over 492 possible
combinations. Every workout can be different therefore alleviating user boredom and
essentially shocking the body into accelerated weight loss and muscle conditioning
never before deemed possible!!

Instructor's name: Geoff Bagshaw. Sharon Mann, Krista Popowych

Type of Workout: Toning & Aerobics

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: Hand Weights, Step, Stability Ball

Total Running Time: 300 minutes