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Fitness Factory Gift Cards

GCALL - Unsure what to get? Gift Cards!

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Fitness Factory Gift Cards

Give as a gift or use it yourself

Online Gift Card Instructions

1. After your purchase is complete,  go to My Account > My Gift Cards

2. Select the card to use, and send it to the recipient's email. Use your own email address if you want to use it yourself, or print it out to give as a paper version. Important: You will not receive the gift card pin number until the email is sent.

3. The email recipient will have to enter the Card number and Reference number (Pin) during checkout as a payment option.  Any overage costs beyond the card amount can be paid with another method.


Can a gift card be used immediately?
Answer: Yes, but you need to send the gift card email first to get the pin number (see instructions above)

Can I use a card over the phone or in a store?
Answer: Yes, have the numbers ready. There may be a delay if the store needs to verify the numbers first.

Can I have a paper gift card?
Answer: Yes, just send the gift card email, then print it out. The email is a picture of a card with the numbers needed to use it.