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Body-Solid Black Bumper Plates

OBP - Supplies Limited! Solid rubber Olympic weight plates all have standard 17.7 inch diameter and metal sleeves

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25 Pound Black Bumper Plate (OBPB25)
35 Pound Black Bumper Plate (OBPB35)

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Body-Solid Black Bumper Plates

Only a Few Left!

Quieter and helps protect the floor and equipment. Each bumper plate is fitted with a 3mm thick metal sleeve for proper fit and easy sliding. Use with Olympic size bars only. Raised numbers markings. All plates are 17.7" diameter.

Some sizes may be out-of-stock. Please see the new Chicago Extreme Bumper Plates for all sizes


  • Made of 100% solid resilient rubber
  • Raised number markings
  • Chrome plated to assure a consistent  finish
  • Stainless Steel inserts; 3mm thick
  • Rubber compound has been chemically refined to provide the best product with consistent properties

Plate Specifications

  • All Plates are 17.7" diameter
  • 10lb. Plate Thickness: .875"
  • 15lb. Plate Thickness: 1.125"
  • 25lb. Plate Thickness: 1.625"
  • 35lb. Plate Thickness:  2.375"
  • 45lb. Plate Thickness:  3"

Note: Plates are rubber, but are not meant to be thrown around. Consistent abuse may lead to cracks or splits. For heavy duty plates, we carry commercial rated bumper plates.

Bending: Because all of our bumper plates are the same diameter, the 10lb. ones are thin, and prone to bending. They will not support a heavy weight bar by themselves. We suggest using a lightweight, aluminum bar if you are only using 10lb. bumper plates


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