Body-Solid CAM Leg Extension Curl Machine

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Heavy Duty
Price: $550.00
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weight: 105 lbs


Seated Leg Extension & Curl CAM Series

Leg workouts have never been so quick and efficient. The two most important leg exercises can now be performed from one comfortable position. The fully adjustable 7-gauge steel cam will easily accommodate any user.

Just pull the jumbo pop pin and raise the lifting arm to a comfortable starting position, sit down and wrap your legs over the 8" foam rollers, then press down to perform seated leg curl exercises that will stretch and strengthen your glutes and hamstring muscles. Pull the pin again to lower the lifting arm and position your legs behind the oversize rollers to work the quadriceps muscles through a leg extension exercise. Weight post is 1" dia. Shown with optional Olympic Adapter Sleeve, weight plates and collars.

  • The two most important leg exercises can now be performed from one comfortable position
  • Thick, comfortable DuraFirm™ pads and fully adjustable 7-gauge steel cam will easily accommodate any user
  • Easy-to-use pop-pin that allows adjustments to increase and control the user’s range-of-motion
  • Adjustable lifting arm can be positioned for exercising both the hamstring and quads
  • Ideal for home and commercial use
  • 37"H x 49"L x 42"W

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Customer Reviews ( 3)

Great machine - Glen Castleberry "glen43"
Rate: 5
Like most everything else from bodysolid this is a good solid piece of equipment ! ive had mine about six mo's love it use it every wk! its smooth and very stable ! i like the seated leg curl better than lieing down too ! nearly as good as the 1500 commercial one at the gym . highly recommend .

Body Solid GCEC340 Cam Series Leg Ext Curl Machine - Junius Maltby
Rate: 4
The Body Solid GCEC340 machine is sturdy, and it feels sturdy when using it. I had to phone a Body-Solid sales representative in order to find out what the weight capacity is for it. He told me that it can hold 400 lb of weight plates plus 200 lb of the user's body weight, for a total of 600 lb. Why in the world is this information not included with the machine?

Some of the assembly was difficult. Before explaining, I should note that the Body-Solid web site contains a PDF file of the owner's manual, although it is missing the assembly diagram. But it does show the hardware and parts illustration sheets, which you might find helpful in understanding my explanation of the difficulty. Part G contains a piece of metal (let's call it a dowel, for lack of a better word). The dimensions of the dowel are 3/16" x 1/4" x 2". I had to pry the dowel out of part G in order to be able to insert part G into parts D9, D, B, and F. Prying it out was difficult, and it took me some time to figure out how to do it. It also took time to figure out that prying it out was necessary or even possible.

Here's what contributed to the difficulty: The assembly diagram shows the dowel already separated from G, and the dowel is represented by a line only 3/16" long by 1/16" wide, barely larger than the dashes that link each part in the diagram. And the dowel is not labeled in the diagram, nor is it shown in the hardware and parts illustration sheets. It should have been labeled as a separate part or piece of hardware, and it should not have been inserted into G at the factory, in my opinion!

After inserting part G into parts D9, D, B, and F, I had to hammer the dowel back into part G, with the assistance of a nail set, in order to get the dowel all the way into the slot. Nowhere in the instructions was this procedure explained.

Regarding usage: In order to get one's left leg under the corresponding upper leg pad, the upper leg pads (as a single unit) need to be removed. After sitting down, then the upper leg pads can be inserted back into the machine. This is an inconvenience because it slows down a workout when doing leg curls, assuming you wish to stand up between sets to stretch and/or to alter the number of weight plates on the machine. (The upper leg pads are not needed for leg extensions and can be removed for this exercise.)

The "pop pin plunger" for the upper leg pads needs to be unscrewed by about one and one-half turns in order to raise, lower, or remove the upper leg pads. I'd much prefer it if the pin could be fully pulled out and reinserted while the pop pin plunger is fully screwed in.

For leg curls, it is necessary for me to remove (or nearly remove) the upper leg pads so that I can get my legs onto and off of the lower leg pad. I like the thickness and firmness of the lower leg pad; most likely it won't ever hurt my shins when doing leg extensions. Also, the handle bars are well positioned for me. (I am 5' 10" tall.)

Seated leg curl/leg extension - Scott Schumacher
Rate: 5
2years of heavy use and still just as solid and smooth as the first day of use.If you are thinking of adding this piece of equipment to your home gym I would highly recommend it.