Landice CLUB L7 Pro Trainer Treadmill

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Full Commercial Warranty
Price: $3,695.00
Retail: $3,695.00
weight: 300 lbs


With your first step onto a Landice L7 Pro Trainer treadmill you become part of a unique workout experience — one that delivers a health-club quality workout in the privacy of your own home. This is the philosophy that underlies the design of the L Series treadmills. Built to full institutional standards, these treadmills offer the latest in engineering technology combined with old-fashioned American craftsmanship. Soft styling enables these treadmills to blend into any environment, but don’t be fooled by their refined looks and whisper-quiet operation. Underneath the hood is the raw power of a 4 horsepower continuousduty drive motor.

Landice has manufactured treadmills for over 40 years. They have placed over 100,000 units in the harshest commercial environments. Because the same time-tested commercial grade components in all our treadmills, only Landice can offer a residential bumper-to-bumper Assignable Lifetime Warranty.

The Landice L7 Pro Trainer Treadmill's console delivers a lower frills console for those that want simple programming without a ton of bells and whistle.

The Pro Trainer model includes these extra features:

  • A statistics display that shows you your time, distance, speed, elevation, calories, pace and optional Pulse.
  • 5 built in programs with variable time and unlimited effort levels.
  • 2 user defined programs.
  • Optional Accutrack contact heart-rate monitoring system.
  • Optional wireless-chest-strap for heart-rate monitoring.

  • Options
  • Orthopedic Suspension
  • Accutrak bar and chest strap heart rate option
  • Vision System

  • Dimensions:

  • 20” x 58” walking surface
  • 15% grade elevation
  • 400lb user capacity
  • L7 Footprint: 34" x 76"

  • Construction

    For a more detailed look at what makes Landice treadmills different than other brands.

    The Landice frame is made of aircraft quality 6063-T6 aluminum and secured with aircraft locking hardware. Costing three times more than steel, aluminum gives our frame the strength to support a user weighing up to 500 lbs.

    Aluminum is an inert material — It does not rust.
    When you run on a treadmill, you sweat. Sweat is salt water, which is highly corrosive and causes steel to rust. Steel treadmill frames, like automobiles, are painted to delay the rusting process but eventually, like automobiles, steel frames can rust from the inside out over the life of the treadmill.
    Aluminum is three times stronger than steel per unit weight
    The Landice treadmills use aluminum frame construction and weigh over 275 lbs. It is this strength that allows us to offer up to a 500-lb. user weight capacity and a lifetime frame warranty. When money is not an option, auto manufacturers turn to aluminum over steel for car frames and engine blocks, therefore maximizing power and strength while simultaneously reducing weight.
    Aircraft locking hardware is more reliable than welding
    Both aircraft and Landice treadmills are assembled with locking hardware. Locking hardware provides a reliably repeatable system of securing the frame. The problem with a weld is that without x-ray equipment it is impossible to tell if a weld is solid. Poor welds may look solid but can lead to squeaking and eventually structural failure. Just as airplane wings do not fall off airplanes, Landice frames retain their structural integrity after years of heavy health club usage.

    Drive Motor
    Landice uses a 4 HP continuous duty drive motor. Made in the USA, this motor can continuously deliver 4 HP in our treadmill without overheating.

    • Importance of horsepower rating

    A 2.0 HP motor will run twice as hot as a 4 HP motor delivering the same load. The hotter a motor runs, the faster it will burn out. A good analogy involves a pickup truck and a dump truck. You can load both with the same number of bricks and drive them across the country back and forth for a year. The dump truck, however, will obviously last much longer.
    • Importance of the continuous duty rating
    Beware of motors that depart from the continuous duty rating. The Landice motor is rated for 5 peak horsepower, which means it can deliver 5 HP for 15 minutes before it begins to overheat. If you overheat your motor you will shorten its life span.
    • Look at the drive motor's physical size and construction quality
    Be sure to look at a motor’s physical size before buying a treadmill. Compare its size to that of a Landice for a good indication of its true continuous duty rating. Be sure to check out the quality of the motor. Does the motor have an integrated fan for additional cooling in its design or was it an after thought. What materials were used in the construction of the motor...metal, plastic or even paper?

    Look at our competitors who sell both home and club treadmills. All offer larger diameter rollers in their more expensive institutional treadmills. When it comes to their home models, they often sacrifice the quality of their treadmill by using less expensive, smaller diameter rollers.

    Larger rollers provide for less friction and longer life
    The larger the roller diameter, the less tension required on the treadbelt since the roller has more surface area to grab the belt. Decreased tension means decreased friction and longer life on belts and bearings.
    • Larger rollers allow us to use a large industrial bearing
    Landice treadmills use a 2.05” industrial bearing. Even some of our competitors’ larger institutional rollers use a less durable 1” bearing with a spacer to fill the rest of the tube. Landice roller bearings are completely sealed using polyurethane gaskets
    • Landice uses the thickest steel tubing in the industry
    Compare the 5/16” wall thickness of our rollers to our competitors’. You notice that ours are considerably thicker. The strength of these walls prevents the bearings from “cocking.” Knocking, noisy bearings are often caused by a “cocked” bearing. To further prevent “cocking,” Landice mills a seat in the roller for the bearing to sit on. Many competitors simply rely on the friction of the tube to hold the bearing in place.
    Landice rollers weigh 14 pounds (L7 Series) and 22 pounds (L8 Series)
    If you pick up a Landice roller, you will notice it weighs significantly more than our competitors’. In fact, it weighs more than many of our competitors’ flywheels. Our rollers actually act as two extra flywheels in the treadmill, further contributing to smooth operation and longer treadmill life.
    • Landice rollers are crowned
    Larger diameter rollers naturally track better than smaller ones. Landice further enhances belt tracking by machining a crown on its front and rear rollers.

    Elevation Motor

    Put three heavy people on a Landice treadmill and try the electric elevation. You will notice that the treadmill is as quiet as it would be with no one on the treadmill. Perform the same test with our competitors’ models and you will definitely hear the strain in their elevation motors. Some even stop elevating.

    • Our elevation motor delivers 1000 pounds of thrust

    Landice’s treadmill elevation motor delivers 1000 pounds of thrust across the entire range of the treadmill’s 15 % elevation. The 1000-pound rating allows up to a 500-pound user to run on the treadmill at top speed and still elevate smoothly during all phases of operation.
    • But I don't weigh 500 pounds
    Consider the dump truck and the pickup truck. You can load both with the same number of bricks and drive them around town for the day. The dump truck will obviously last much longer. The same is true for elevation motors. The higher the thrust rating, the longer it will last, no matter what the load.


    • Landice 4-ply treadbelts are twice as strong as our competitors’
    Lift up the edge of a Landice treadbelt and count the number of layers. You will easily see the 4 layers which make up the treadbelt. Compare us to our competitors. You will notice that most use a 2-ply treadbelt. Although costing significantly more, this 4-ply belt provides twice the strength of a 2-ply belt.
    • Why do I need a strong treadbelt?

    As a treadbelt stretches, it begins to slip. In order to compensate for this slippage, every treadmill has two take-up or tensioning screws on the rear roller, which are used to re-tighten the treadbelt. The problem with weaker 2-ply belts is that eventually (usually outside the warranty period) the belt has stretched to the point where the rear roller hits the back of the treadmill and can no longer be tightened. The over-stretched treadbelt must then be replaced. Even under the heaviest institutional usage, Landice 4-ply belts do not over-stretch..
    • Landice treadbelts keep friction under control
    Friction between the deck and belt is the number one enemy of a treadmill. Increased friction causes the motor to draw high amperage and generate excessive heat, which in turn reduces motor and electronic life. A myriad of costs and options are available to treadmill manufactures when it comes to selecting the material for the underside of their treadbelt. A cheap belt material may be suitable for the conveyor at the checkout counter at your local supermarket, but in a treadmill it can fail within hours.


    • Landice's 1” thick decks are the strongest in the industry
    The running deck receives impact force more than double a runner’s weight. Our 1” thick deck is 237% stronger than our nearest competitor’s 3/4” system.
    • Our no-maintenance decks have a life of over 3000 hours perside
    Most treadmill manufacturers use a one-sided deck with a single phenolic coating. Landice’s five process deck system is applied to both sides of our deck. Consisting of 2 phenolic layers, wax impregnation, TFE, and SlipCoating, this process provides for a life of over 3000 hours per side. This equates to a life of over 20 years in a residential setting. In heavy institutional settings where usage can be as high as 5 hours per day, Landice SlipCoat can be applied on a monthly basis to further extend belt and deck life.
    • We do not switch belt/deck systems until we know they work
    Many of our competitors change their belt/deck systems from year to year. This is a sure sign that they are still searching for a reliable combination. Since 1967 Landice has continuously run treadbelts and decks on our life testers searching for longer life. We do not even begin to consider a new material until it has lasted at least 3000 hours, the equivalent of 10 years of home treadmill use.

    Shock Absorption

    A 150 lb runner can experience a peak impact force of up to 450 lb with every footstep on a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete. A properly designed treadmill can eliminate this initial jolt, reducing the peak force transmitted through the body by up to 50%. This increases the runner's comfort while reducing the risk of injury. At Landice, we have been making state-of-the-art treadmills since 1967. Our latest treadmills are designed with built-in shock absorption in accordance with the latest medical research. Researchers at Harvard University studied the effects of the stiffness of a running surface on a runner's performance. They concluded that a stiffness rating below 15 klbf/ft is necessary to provide an optimal surface that is both comfortable and reduces the risk of injuries. Landice VFXPlus treadmills have a spring stiffness constant of 7 klbf/ft (OrthoPlus: 5 klbf/ft).
    The unique design of the VFXPlus system guides the deck strictly in the vertical plane, eliminating any lateral movement and creating an optimal running surface. “Flexing/Springboard” deck designs tend to neglect lateral stability, which can result in joint injury.

    Made in the USA

    More and more, today’s newspaper headlines show manufacturing leaving
    the United States for China. 

    All Landice products are engineered, assembled and tested in Randolph,
    NJ USA. In fact, 98.4% of all our treadmill parts are manufactured in the USA!

    Fabricated Steel
    Aluminum Frame
    Drive Motor
    Elevation Motor
    Plastic Moldings
    Slider Deck
    Total % of Cost Made in USA

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