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Fitness Factory offers several adjustable steel squat racks and squat stand options. Each squat rack and stand from Fitness Factory features multiple safety features and adjustable catch rails for safe and efficient workouts at home or in the club. Our squat racks come in commercial and home grades for all sizes and budgets.

Squat racks are fully adjustable in height and built to hold an Olympic bar for the performance of intense, lower body defining squats, or for overhead pressing movements. Coupled with a bench, squat racks and stands offer a wide variety of exercise options including standing military press, squat, standing calf raise, calf press, barbell thruster, flat, incline and decline bench press, curls, upright rows, shrugs and much more.

Effective workouts on squat racks and stands will work your entire body including biceps, triceps, calves, glutes, quads, shoulders and pectorals. Squat racks and stands are very light, portable and take up far less space than bigger, bulkier power racks.

Powerline PSS60X Squat Rack
Free Shipping
Do decline presses, squats, curls, uprig... 
Retail Price $270.00
sale price $115.00
Body-Solid GPR370 Olympic Press Rack
Free Shipping
Gunracks, Heavy Duty Steel... 
Retail Price $710.00
Everyday Low Price $550.00
Body-Solid Olympic Press Rack Package with Bench
Free Shipping
Includes GPR370, GFID31, OSB300S... 
Retail Price $1,548.00
sale price $1199
Body-Solid SCB26 Calf Squat Block
Free Shipping
Maximizes Returns... 
Retail Price $165.00
sale price $99.00
X Training X-2 Squat Rack with Pull-up Bar
Free Shipping
Great for Cross fit workouts, power lift... 
Everyday Low Price $499.00
X Training X-S Independent Squat Stands
Free Shipping
Weighing in at 135lb. together, these ar... 
Everyday Low Price $349.00
Lebert Fitness XL Equalizer Bar
Free Shipping
Works using your own body weight as resi... 
Retail Price $139.00
Everyday Low Price $129.00
Original Lebert Fitness Equalizer
Free Shipping
Simple, portable, yet multipurpose and v... 
Retail Price $129.00
Everyday Low Price $119.00