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Currently our site is down for the evening.

In an effort to keep our inventories and our site up to date and running smoothly we will be taking the cart offline to control flow and volume. Due to high traffic throughout our site, it has become imperative for us to make our site updates and adjust inventory of available products on the site more often than normal. We understand this isn’t always convenient and we apologize for that. We understand how important fitness is to all of you, and how the current Pandemic has affected not only our lives but our daily pursuit of our personal health and fitness routines. Our goal is to have the cart back online for your purchases daily. Please continue to check the site for updates and information. Your emails are important to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Due to current volume your email inquiry may take up to 24 hours before we are able to respond. We promise this is a temporary situation due to the Pandemic and its mandates. We look forward to working with you and truly appreciate your patience. Stay safe and Healthy,

Stuart Glenn

CEO Fitnessfactory.com
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