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Train your posterior chain with Fitness Factory's selection of equipment for hamstring, glute & lower back development. These machines concentrate your workout at the abdominal, lower body and back region with specialized machines designed to target these hard-to-work muscles.

Products include ab slings, hanging inversion boots, ab boards and benches, roman chairs, back hyperextensions, semi-recumbent ab benches, inversion tables, glute machines, Ab Coasters, glute ham machines, ab crunch benches and more.

Powerline PHYP200X Back Hyperextension
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The PHYP200X is an inverted back extensi... 
Retail Price $330.00
sale price $199.00
Body-Solid GHYP345 Back 45° Hyperextension
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Heavy Duty, Adjustable Midsection Pad... 
Retail Price $400.00
Everyday Low Price $275.00
Body-Solid GCAB360 Ab and Back Machine
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Target your abs and back with one machin... 
Retail Price $715.00
sale price $399.00
Body-Solid GCAB-STK Ab Back Machine with 210lb. Weight Stack
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Heavy Duty with Weight Stack... 
Retail Price $1,680.00
Everyday Low Price $1295
Pro ClubLine Series 2 S2ABB Ab and Back
Free Shipping
Full Commercial Rated... 
ProDual DABB Ab Back Machine
Free Shipping
Stand Alone Machine... 
Best Fitness BFHYP10 Hyper Ab Board
Ab crunches and back hyperextensions. Fo... 
Retail Price $190.00
sale price $129.00
Stamina X Hyper Ab Bench
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The pull of a pin quickly and easily adj... 
Retail Price $129.00
Everyday Low Price $99.00