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Powerline PPR1000 Power Rack

PPR1000 - With features and reliability on par with commercial-grade Power Racks, the PPR1000 Power Rack is priced for home users and can be expanded and customized with a number of options and attachments to make it ideal for any customer.

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Retail Price $595
Fitness Factory Price $485
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Powerline PPR1000 Power Rack

Powerline by Body-Solid’s PPR1000 Power Rack offers features and reliability on par with our commercial-grade Power Racks at a lower cost. The PPR1000 Power Rack can be expanded and customized with a number of options and attachments to make it ideal for any customer.

Measuring at 83” tall, this Power Rack is shorter than most commercial power racks making it a great choice for basements, garage gyms or home gym applications. Included with the rack are a pair of j-cups liftoffs and pipe & pin safeties allowing users to safely workout alone with peace of mind.


  • High-quality power rack to fit in any home gym, garage or basement
  • Customize and expand with attachments
  • Includes 2 J-cups and 2 pipe & pin safeties
  • 2"x2" 11 gauge steel frame
  • 2” hole spacing for j-cups and pin and pipe safeties
  • Dimensions: 53.5” L x 50.9” W x 83” H
  • Weight Capacity: 700 lbs.
  • Product Weight: 168lbs.
  • Warranty: Powerline 10-Year Home Warranty



About Power Racks

The Power Rack is also known as a Power Cage, Squat Cage or Squat Rack.
Not to be confused with a half cage or half rack. It is a four-pillar rectangular box that functions as a substitute to a human spotter for free weight barbell exercises, seated, standing or lying down that include: Bench Press, Squats, Overhead Press, Rack Lockout, Rack Pull, Barbell Shrug, Inverted row, Barbell Bent over Row, Barbell curls. Beside the four pillars that come predrilled or punched with adjustment holes, the rack will generally include a pair of barbell lift-offs and a pair of safeties. The lift offs are placed at a height appropriate for the exercise with the safeties placed in a predetermined position to let the user escape the weights and bar should they fatigue or fail to complete the movement of the exercise. Most modern power racks come equipped with a chinning/pull-up bar.

Some power cages squat racks and squat stands are capable of being anchored to the floor for extra stability. Many of these are found in multi-use commercial facilities and are mounted per manufacturer specification, usually by a professional installer. Floor mounting can be done at home in your basement or in your garage gym. Bolting a power rack or power cage to the floor gives the user an extra boost of confidence especially while using very heavy weight during standing over head lifts or squats. It also allows user a stable platform for suspension trainers that are commonly used in functional training activities. Though most racks are not anchored to the ground, users can add plate horns and store weights low on the frame to add extra stability and support.

Many modern Power Racks can be expanded with attachments like a lat station with high low pulley, weight storage pegs, plyo platforms, strength band pegs, t-bar row, landmine attachments, dip attachments, bar holder, etc. to create your personal garage gym, workout room or box to do the work out of the day, cross train or do functional workouts or just straight up power lift.

The great news is power racks, squat racks and cages are versatile, adaptable, expandable, affordable, durable, safe and are a great start to any commercial gym, box, home gym, garage gym with any budget. 

Product Options

300 lb. Cast Iron Olympic Weight Set with 7ft. Chrome Olympic Bar, Collars (OSC300S)

300 lb. Cast Iron Olympic Weight Set with 7ft. Chrome Olympic Bar, Collars

(OSC300S) Set includes 2 each: 45lb., 35lb., 25lb., 10lb. and 2.5lb. plates. 4: 5lb. plates, a 7ft. Olympic bar and 2 spring collars
Retail Price: $610.00
Fitness Factory Price: $569.00
Sale Price: $437.95

Powerline PPR1000 Power Rack Extension (PPR1000EXT)

Powerline PPR1000 Power Rack Extension

(PPR1000EXT) Expands the back of the power rack creating an ideal spot for spotter access, and weight horns, u-links, or any number of attachments
Retail Price: $195.00
Fitness Factory Price: $160.00

Powerline Lat Attachment for the PPR1000 (PLA1000)

Powerline Lat Attachment for the PPR1000

(PLA1000) Optional attachment for the PPR1000 Power Rack features high and low pulley access. ATTACHMENT ONLY; THIS ITEM CANNOT BE USED INDEPENDENTLY
Retail Price: $355.00
Fitness Factory Price: $285.00

Powerline Multi Chin Up (PPRMCU)

Powerline Multi Chin Up

(PPRMCU) This cross member attaches to the top of the PPR1000 Power Rack and helps add a multitude of workout options to the power rack including chin-up and pull-up movements
Retail Price: $104.00
Fitness Factory Price: $80.00

Powerline J-Cups (PPRJC)

Powerline J-Cups

(PPRJC) Add an extra pairs of stops to your power rack, the PPRJC J-cups features high impact inserts that will protect your bars knurling and are tested at 700lbs weight capacity
Retail Price: $55.00
Fitness Factory Price: $42.00

Powerline Weight Plate Horn (PPRWH)

Powerline Weight Plate Horn

(PPRWH) Attaches easy to any PPR1000, PPR1000EXT, PPR500, and PPR500EXT for plate storage
Retail Price: $16.00
Fitness Factory Price: $12.00

Powerline T-Bar Row Platform Attachment (PPRTB)

Powerline T-Bar Row Platform Attachment

(PPRTB) Attaches easily via pull-pin to an existing Power or Half Rack and allows users to add new and challenging Olympic bar movements
Retail Price: $18.00
Fitness Factory Price: $14.00

Powerline Band Pegs Attachment (PPRBP)

Powerline Band Pegs Attachment

(PPRBP) Use with resistance bands to add progressive resistance to several workouts including squats, bench presses and more
Retail Price: $11.00
Fitness Factory Price: $9.00

Powerline U-Link (PPRUL)

Powerline U-Link

(PPRUL) Attach Battle or Exercise Ropes for high-intensity workouts targeting multiple muscle groups.
Retail Price: $26.00
Fitness Factory Price: $20.00

Similar Products

Powerline PPR500 Half Rack

(PPR500) Offers the durability and reliability of commercial half racks at a more economical price, includes a pair of j-cups and safety spotter arms allowing users to safely workout alone with peace of mind
Retail Price: $395.00
Fitness Factory Price: $335.00

Powerline PPR200X Power Rack

(PPR200X) The Powerline Power Rack is under 7ft tall, built tough, and includes 2 heat tempered Lift Offs, 2 Sabre Style Safety Catches and a Knurled Grip Chin-Up Bar. Fits in most basements with height restrictions and doesn't hamper vertical movements.Add Lat attachment, bench, dip attachment and weights for the ultimate Power Rack Gym. 10 YEAR IN HOME WARRANTY!
Retail Price: $495.00
Fitness Factory Price: $415.00

Body-Solid GPR400 Power Rack

(GPR400) Under 80 inches Tall! A heavy-duty Power Rack designed to fit in several facilities from home gyms, garage gyms to commercial strength training, sports team weight rooms and more.
Retail Price: $895.00
Fitness Factory Price: $725.00

Rugged Y100 Power Rack (20% OFF)

(Y100) 20% OFF, LIMITED TIME OFFER! Built to withstand the toughest workouts with Heavy Duty 11-Gauge Steel Frame Construction.
Retail Price: $795.00
Fitness Factory Price: $695.00
Fitness Factory Price: $695.00
Sale Price: $636.00

Body-Solid SPR1000 Commercial Power Rack

(SPR1000) The full commercial SPR1000 will withstand the heaviest workouts with its massive industrial 3x3" heavy gauge steel construction
Retail Price: $1,595.00
Fitness Factory Price: $1,295.00

Best Fitness Power Rack

(BFPR100r) Pound for Pound, the BFPR100r is the Best Value Power Rack Money Can Buy. Includes 2 lift offs and 2 safeties. Add functionality with optional lat and dip stations
Retail Price: $375.00
Fitness Factory Price: $290.00
Fitness Factory Price: $290.00
Sale Price: $249.00

Product Warranties


This Warranty applies only in the United States to products manufactured or distributed by PowerLine under the PowerLine brand name. The warranty period to the original purchaser is:

  • Ten (10) years on the frame
  • One (1) year on all parts

PowerLine warrants that the Product you have purchased for non-commercial, personal, family, or household use from PowerLine or from an authorized Power-Line reseller is free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Your sales receipt, showing the date of purchase of the Product, is your proof of the date of purchase. This warranty extends only to you, the original purchaser. It is not transferable to anyone who subsequently purchases the Product from you. It excludes paint and finish. This Warranty becomes VALID ONLY if the Product is assembled / installed according to the instructions / directions included with the Product.

During the warranty period Power-Line will at no additional charge, repair or replace (at PowerLine's option) the Product if it becomes defective, malfunctions, or otherwise fails to conform with this Warranty under normal non-commercial, personal, family, or household use. In repairing the product Power-Line may replace defective parts or, at the option of Power-Line, serviceable used parts that are equivalent to new parts in performance. All exchanged parts and Products replaced under this warranty will become the property of Power-Linc.Power-Line reserves the right to change manufacturers of any part to cover any existing warranty.

To obtain warranty service, you must return the Product to Power-Line in its original container (or equivalent). You must pre-pay any shipping charges, export taxes, customs duties and taxes, or any other charges associated with transportation of the Product. In addition, you are responsible for insuring any Product shipped or returned. You assume the risk of loss during shipment. You must present Power-Line with proof-of- purchase documents (including the date of purchase).


Weight: 168 lbs

Shipping Terms

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