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CrossCore, Inc

Warranty / Disclaimers:

CROSSCORE® warrants to the initial retail purchaser
that the products it sells will be free of defects in workmanship or material for a period of
two-years for the pulley unit and for a period of one-year for all straps, rope, buckles,
clamps, handles, carabineers and carry bags. Inappropriate or improper use of the
CROSSCORE® product including but not limited to the following acts, shall void the
warranty: leaving the CROSSCORE® product outdoors in extreme weather conditions
(heat, cold, precipitation) for extended periods of time, sawing the rope back and forth
across the pulley with the pin engaged, causing excessive friction on the anchor strap due
to improper setup or use, performing exercises in a way that causes the rope to make
contact with the edge of the pulley housing, and any other actions that would not be
deemed normal use. Notice of such defect must be promptly given to the Seller of the
product (said Seller must either be CROSSCORE®, a certified, approved Distributor or
Dealer or other group or person authorized by CROSSCORE®). Correction shall be
either replacement of the product or repair thereof, in the sole discretion of
CROSSCORE®. Correction of the said product shall constitute complete fulfillment of
all liabilities of CROSSCORE® with respect to the quality of the product(s) purchased.
This warranty shall not cover any damage or condition determined by CROSSCORE® to
be caused by carelessness, negligence, neglect, misuse and/or unreasonable use, normal
wear and tear, or failure to properly maintain the product or unauthorized repairs or any
modifications thereof. Under no circumstances shall CROSSCORE® be held responsible
for any damages suffered, including but not limited to incidental or consequential
damages, medical expenses, temporary or permanent injuries suffered as a result of the
use of the product, if said use did not conform to the below described safety standards
and/or if said damages were due to the negligence of the user and/or the result of any
repair, adjustments or modifications to the product(s) that were not authorized, in writing,
by CROSSCORE®. The foregoing warranty and disclaimer is exclusive and in lieu of all
other warranties of quality, whether written, oral or implied (including any warranty of
merchantability or fitness for the purpose).