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Setting PRs and maximizing your current weight machines? Browse's selection of weight machine plates & attachments to break through your plateaus. 

Discover a massive selection of weight plates, adapter plates, and more to supercharge your workouts and maximize results.

Stuck with limited weight options on your machine? Plateauing and craving a new challenge? is your one-stop shop for weight machine upgrades!

  • Break weightlifting plateaus: Add additional plates or individual stack weights to push your limits and build serious muscle.
  • Fine-tune your workouts: Utilize 2.5lb and 5lb adapter plates for micro-progression, perfect for precise muscle targeting and advanced training.
  • Premium quality, built to last: Our weights and adapters are crafted from solid steel and encased in protective rubber, ensuring durability and safety.
  • Compatibility guaranteed: Find the perfect fit for your selectorized weight stack with our wide selection.