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Fitness Factory Wow way overdue for this review but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all my Fitness Factory equipment (Treadmill, Rower, Calf block, Fitness clock, curling chair, and multiple cable attactments)! One of the very few companies that allowed me to backorder equipment during the STILL home gym equipment shortage. Terry is the man! He worked hard to earn my business and represents true customer service, and is one of the main reasons I promote buying from FF.com. If you are in the market you cannot go wrong; their prices and quality are hard to beat!


Matt, Online Sales Manager

I am the Online Sales Manager for Fitness Factory and have been in the fitness industry since 1998 helping families and businesses achieve their fitness goals. My main objective is to make fitness affordable for every customer I come in contact with. I can help create custom product packages for every home or commercial gym in the country and assist with the install and service/warranty work as well. When I am outside of the office I usually do a few hours of physical fitness training each day to keep my mind and body sharp with an emphasis placed on anti-aging through exercise.

You can contact me via email at matt@fitnessfactory.com or call in at 800-383-9300 ext.3516


Mike, Fitness Consultant

I have been in the fitness industry and selling equipment since 2008. My favorite part of my job is facilitating people with the tools to create a workout space in their home, which is a dream for many. On the commercial side, it is exciting to match my customers with the equipment that will  help grow their business. I feel a great sense of gratitude each time a past customer refers a contact to me or reaches back out to do additional business. If my service and the products I represent help people meet their health goals, then I feel I have done my job.

You can contact me via email at mchristopher@fitnessfactory.com or call in at 800-383-9300 ext.3581


Terry, Fitness Consultant

I have passion for a healthy lifestyle that has been shaped primarily by my love for competition . It all started playing Little League Baseball through High School Baseball to later on coaching at the Little League and High School levels. I'll play any sport at the drop of a hat for the enjoyment of the physical and mental challenges healthy competition affords and believe in my heart that my success in my career path has been shaped to the greatest extent by the valuable  lessons learned in team & individual sports .

I take pride in the fact as I approach my 60's as I still enjoy many of the sports I played as a youth and certainly enjoy hearing things like " he can still play " from my fellow competitors. My education culminated with a B.S degree in Physical Education and am currently a certified personal trainer. I invite you to work with me to help you choose and discover how the right equipment can help you reach and exceed your fitness goals today and for the rest of your life. Here's to not slowing down anytime soon.

You can contact me via email at tleninger@fitnessfactory.com or call in at 800-383-9300 ext.3513