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Spirit Fitness

Since 1987, Spirit Fitness has been the premier developer and manufacturer of the highest quality cardiovasciular exercise equipment on the market. Spirit continues to support these products more than ever today with an unparalleled motivation that always puts our customers first. Our commitment to our customer is priority one and therefore our products will always reflect that. When you purchase a Spirit Fitness product, you can be guaranteed that we have manufactured it to the highest standards behind a dedicated and knowledgeable organization striving to be the best.
  Spirit Commercial
Spirit CB900 Indoor Cycle Trainer
Retail Price:$1,499.00
Outlet Price:$1,299.00
Spirit CE800 Elliptical
Retail Price:$2,699.00
Outlet Price:$2,499.00
Spirit CG800 E-Glide
Retail Price:$2,699.00
Outlet Price:$2,499.00
Spirit CR800 Recumbent Bike
Retail Price:$1,999.00
Outlet Price:$1,799.00
Spirit CT800 Treadmill
Retail Price:$3,199.00
Outlet Price:$2,999.00
Free Shipping
Spirit CU800 Upright Bike
Retail Price:$1,799.00
Outlet Price:$1,599.00
Spirit XBR95 Recumbent Bike Trainer
Retail Price:$1,699.00
Outlet Price:$1,499.00
Spirit XE895 Adjustable Stride Elliptical Trainer
Retail Price:$2,995.00
Outlet Price:$2,699.00
Free Shipping
Spirit XT685 Treadmill
Retail Price:$2,399.00
Outlet Price:$2,199.00
Free Shipping
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