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Exercise & Yoga Mats

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Protect your floors with flooring solutions from Fitness Factory.

Whether you’re looking to prevent noise, reduce wear and tear on your floor or add a clean, neat look to your gym or facility, our flooring solutions are up to the task. Choose from a wide variety of interlocking mats, cardio mats, padded green turf and more.

Fitness Factory carries flooring options from industry leading brands such as Guardian, Body-Solid, SHOK-LOK, Spri, SuperSport and more.

Our selection of mats includes yoga mats, a must-have for yoga practitioners of all levels. Yoga mats from Fitness Factory are designed for both studio and in-home use and can be used in meditation, Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, restorative or power yoga.

Body-Solid 3mm Yoga Mat
Measures 2x6', our durable Body-Solid yo... 
Retail Price $14.99
$12.99 MSRP $14.99
Body-Solid Foam Roll Up Exercise Mat
Perfect for yoga, sit-ups and other floo... 
Retail Price $24.99
$19.99 MSRP $24.99
Body-Solid Hanging Foam Exercise Mat
Best Selling Hanging Exercise Mat! Thick... 
Retail Price $41.99
$34.99 MSRP $41.99
Body-Solid Foam Mat Wall Hanger
Hang your exercise mats, attach to any w... 
Retail Price $28.99
$15.99 MSRP $28.99
Body-Solid Yoga Block
Body-Solid Tools Yoga Block... 
Retail Price $9.99
$6.99 MSRP $9.99
Yoga Lover's Package
Yoga Workout in a Bag... 
Retail Price $89.99
$78.99 MSRP $89.99
Rage Fitness Ab Mat
Heavy Duty Fitness Mat... 
Retail Price $19.99
$16.99 MSRP $19.99
SPRI Bi-Fold Exercise Mat 72
Extra Soft Cushion folds up and easy to ... 
Retail Price $79.99
$69.99 MSRP $79.99
SPRI Bi-Fold Exercise Mat 60
Extra soft cushion folds up and easy to ... 
Retail Price $69.99
$59.99 MSRP $69.99
SPRI Roll Up Exercise Mat 48
With Straps, 1/2" Thick, Offers support... 
Retail Price $25.98
$23.98 MSRP $25.98