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Shop Fitness Factory's wide selection of resistance bands and start adding progressive resistance to your powerlifting and strength training exercises.

Resistance bands (or lifting bands) offer a contrasting method weight weight resistance changes at different points during your life. Using resistance bands will make the weight increase through the concentric and eccentric portions of a lift. This results in great speed and acceleration.

Resistance bands are cost-effective and simple ways to add intensity to any training routine and are perfect accessories for any home, commercial, garage or cross training facility.

Body-Solid Resistance Tubes
Lightweight rubber tubes with nylon hand... 
$7.99 MSRP $9.00

Body-Solid Resistance Tube Door Attachment
Turn any room with a door into a multi-f... 
Retail Price $4.99
$3.99 MSRP $4.99
Hand X Band
Increase your grip strength, strength st... 
$9.99 MSRP $12.99

SPRI Xerings - 5 Sizes
Resistance with cushioned grips!... 
$6.98 MSRP $8.98

SPRI Xertubes
Turn your door into a home gym, 5 Resist... 
$15.98 MSRP $16.98

SPRI Xercuffs 4 Sizes
Lower body toning... 
$17.98 MSRP $19.98

SPRI Xerstretch
1" wide nylon strap... 
SPRI Braided Xertubes
Clearance! 50% Off... 
SALE $17.49 MSRP $34.99
SPRI Mini Bands
Floor-based lower-body conditionin... 
$3.48 MSRP $3.98

SPRI Ultra Toners
SPRI Ultra Toners... 
$9.98 MSRP $11.98

Lebert Fitness Stretch Strap
Designed to improve your stretching regi...