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What's a home gym without the right set of weight plates? carries an industry-leading selection of weight plate options from cast-iron, gray grip, rubber grip, and bumper plates. 

You're sure to find the perfect plates for your gym at, available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and weights. 


What is the difference between the weight plates sold at

Rubber Grip Plates

As the name suggests, these plates have a rubber coating encasing the metal core. This rubber layer can be smooth or textured for better grip.

Benefits of rubber grip plates:

  • Improved grip: The rubber coating makes the plates easier to handle and lift, especially when sweaty or wet. This can enhance workout safety and prevent accidental drops.
  • Reduced noise and damage: The rubber absorbs impact, making plate drops quieter and minimizing damage to floors and equipment. This is ideal for home gyms or environments where noise control is important.
  • Enhanced durability: The rubber coating protects the metal core from rust and scratches, increasing the lifespan of the plates.
  • Added comfort: Some rubber grip plates have slightly thicker coatings, providing a more comfortable grip and reducing pressure points on hands and fingers.

Cast Iron Plates

Cast iron weight plates are the OGs of the weightlifting world! Made from molten iron poured into molds, they're a classic choice for lifters seeking reliable, durable, and affordable weight plates. Here's a breakdown of their key characteristics:


  • Pure cast iron is known for its strength and ability to retain weight accurately.
  • No additional coatings like rubber or plastic.


  • Durable: Cast iron is tough and can withstand heavy drops and intense workouts. They're practically indestructible!
  • Affordable: Cast iron plates are typically more budget-friendly than other materials like rubber grip plates.
  • Precise weight: Cast iron plates are generally very accurate in terms of weight, making them suitable for competitive lifting.
  • Classic feel: Some lifters appreciate the "old-school" feel and sound of cast iron plates clanging on the bar.

Bumper Plates

Bumper weight plates are designed for dropping, crashing, and conquering your most challenging lifting goals. 

Anatomy of a Bumper Plate:

  • Iron or steel core: Similar to cast iron plates, bumpers have a solid metal core for weight and stability.
  • Thick rubber coating: This is where the magic happens! Bumper plates are encased in a thick layer of high-density rubber, typically 2-3 inches thick.

Benefits of Bumper Plates:

  • Drop-friendly: The rubber absorbs impact, making them safe for dropping from overhead or shoulder height without damaging the plates, floors, or your ears.
  • Noise dampeners: No more clanging symphony with each rep! The rubber significantly reduces noise compared to metal plates, keeping your workouts gym-etiquette-friendly.
  • Versatile performers: While ideal for Olympic lifts and CrossFit, their stability makes them suitable for various exercises like squats, bench presses, and rows.
  • Easy on the eyes (and floors): The rubber coating protects them from rust and scratches, keeping them looking good and preventing floor damage.

Deep Dish Plates

Deep Dish weight plates, sometimes called "Olympic Deep Dish" or "Classic Deep Dish," are a unique weight plate style known for their distinctive deep-set center and vintage aesthetic. They offer a blend of functionality and old-school charm, making them a popular choice for certain lifters.

Here's what makes Deep Dish plates unique:

    • Deep-set center: The inner surface of the plate is recessed, creating a deeper dish than standard flat plates. This design offers several advantages:
    • Increased safety: The deep-set center helps to stabilize the barbell, minimizing wobble and reducing the risk of the bar rolling off the plates during specific exercises like squats and cleans.
    • Easier loading and unloading: The larger plate surface provides a broader target area for loading and unloading the barbell, making it more convenient, especially for solo lifters.
    • Unique grip: Some Deep Dish plates have raised lettering or textured edges on the inner surface, offering a more secure grip while loading and unloading.
  • Vintage aesthetic: Deep Dish plates harken back to the golden age of weightlifting, with their thick cast iron construction and deep-set center reminiscent of old-school gym equipment. This nostalgic appeal attracts lifters who appreciate classic aesthetics.

Gray Grip Plates

Gray grip cast iron weight plates are a specific type of weight plate designed to combine the benefits of classic cast iron with improved handling and aesthetics. Let's break down their key features:


  • Core: Made from solid cast iron, known for its durability, precise weight, and affordability.
  • Finish: Coated in a matte gray hammertone finish, which provides several advantages:
  • Improved grip: The textured surface offers better grip than smooth cast iron, especially when sweaty.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: The gray finish adds a modern and sleek look compared to traditional black cast iron.
  • Chip and rust resistance: The hammertone finish protects against scratches and rust compared to plain cast iron.


  • Combines strength and grip: Maintain cast iron's durability and affordability while offering improved handling thanks to the textured finish.
  • Suitable for various exercises: Ideal for Olympic lifts, squats, rows, presses, and other strength training exercises requiring good grip.
  • Aesthetic appeal: The modern gray finish can add a stylish touch to any home gym or weightlifting space.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Cast iron construction ensures these plates will withstand heavy use for years.