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Whether you’re looking to build explosive strength and power or lose weight in a fun, effective way, rope options from Fitness Factory are a great way to get started. Use jump ropes and cable speed ropes for engaging and effective cardio workouts and perform moves like criss cross, double under, skier’s jump, interval jump and split jumps. Jump and cable speed ropes are great for those looking to increase their cardiovascular endurance or for integration in high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Tabata ropes, also known as battling ropes or cross training ropes, will challenge you and your body in a way no other cardio or free weight exercises can. Use these ropes by anchoring them to a heavy beam, pole or tree if working out outside. Pull the ropes so they are straight out and get to work! Tabata rope workouts improve forearm strength and grip and work your upper body like never before. You can perform a number of explosive exercises using ropes including rope waves, rope circles, rope claps, double-arm slam, double-arm waves, figure eights, jumping jacks, slam jumps, snakes, uppercuts and more!