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Fitness Factory offers a wide assortment of medicine balls perfect for catches, throws, slams, and more. Our large selection of medicine balls includes rubber, heavy-duty vinyl and hard & soft medicine balls.

Use medicine balls for total body conditioning focusing on abs, biceps, calves, delts, forearms, glutes, hamstrings, lats, obliques, pectorals, quads, shoulders, traps and triceps. Medicine balls are ideal for a wide range of applications including speed & agility training, bodyweight training, core development, as well as physical therapy and rehab of the knees, back and shoulders.

Recommended medicine ball exercises include ball squats, burpees, balancing bridge, biceps curl, lunge and press, twist and lunge, push-up, deadlift, rolling push-up, shoulder press, side lunge, superman, triceps extension, v-ups and more.

Body-Solid Medicine Balls 2-30lbs.
Available from 2-lb. to 30 lb., Durable ... 

Body-Solid Dual Grip Medicine Balls
Versatile Dual Grip Medicine Balls have ... 

Body-Solid Soft Medicine Balls
Built tough for intense use, these soft ... 

Rage Fitness 50 lb. Highland Atlas Ball
Withstands high velocity impacts... 
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Rage Fitness Soft Stones
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X Training Sandbag Trainer - Small 50lb.
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