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Fitness Factory carries a number of foam roller options including full-rounded rollers and half rollers to accommodate your exact needs. All foam rollers are high-density EVA foam rollers meant to be ultra firm, rigid but soft to the skin. Foam Rollers are designed for use in balance exercises, stability exercises, strength training and deep tissue massage. Foam Rollers enhance balance, body awareness, muscle re-education, muscle flexibility and dynamic strength while also being an exceptional self massage aid for all major muscle group. Roll the foam roller underneath your back, hamstrings, calves and more to help alleviate tightness and soreness.

Fitness Factory also carries Rumble Roller’s extensive line of deep tissue massage products with each having size, shape, space and elasticity to help aid in numerous ways. Rumber Roller products are engineered to stimulate deeper layers of muscle tissue, stretch muscle and fascia in multiple planes, concentrate massage pressure to enable autogenic inhibition and improve access to soft tissue in your spine, scapula and pelvis.