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Shop Fitness Factory’s selection of weight lifting gloves, wrist straps, knee wraps and joint support products. Wearing weightlifting gloves protect soft hands from the knurling on barbells and dumbbells, while helping to prevent callouses while working out. Fitness Factory carries weight lifting gloves by Harbinger.

Lifting straps, like those sold at Fitness Factory, can offer many benefits as well. Lifting straps are used by wrapping them around your wrists then to the barbell, dumbbell or cable handle. Lifting straps are a favorite among powerlifters and are frequently used on exercises such as deadlifts, barbell rows and shrugs.

Wrist straps and knee wraps will help to protect and stabilize joints during large compound lifts involving a lot of weight. Fitness Factory carries a number of wraps from industry-leaders Harbinger and Rage Fitness including power knee wraps, thumb loop wrist wraps, wrist saver straps, leather hand grips and more.