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Strengthen and tone with Fitness Factory’s selection of push-up bars, ab rollers, and other functional fitness training equipment.

Products include Body-Solid, Spirit Fitness and SPRI ab rollers, ab wheels and power wheels, tools that allows you to isolate your stomach and oblique muscles for stronger, more defined abdominals and cores.

Fitness Factory also features Body-Solid and Harbinger Push-Up Bars. These tools help take your push-up exercises to a higher, more rewarding level. Featuring non-slip coating and comfort-focused features, push-up bars engage your chest, arms, shoulder, back and core muscles and allow you to perform push-ups with multiple grips as well as mountain climbers, triceps dips and other total body movements. Pushup bars offer a greater range of motion throughout the movement while also giving you a deeper stretch than a standard push-up.

Spirit Super Power Wheel
With Foot Cradles... 
$49.99 MSRP $49.99
SPRI Power Wheel
Includes instruction manual and DVD... 
Retail Price $66.98
$64.98 MSRP $66.98
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Premium Push Up Bars
Neoprene Coating... 
Retail Price $42.00
$36.00 MSRP $42.00
Body-Solid Push Up Bars
These push-up bars will dramatically inc... 
$14.00 MSRP $14.00
Ab Crunch Harness
Do ab crunches on any cable machine, Jus... 
Retail Price $29.00
$27.95 MSRP $29.00
Rage Fitness Ab Mat
Heavy Duty Fitness Mat... 
Retail Price $19.99
$16.99 MSRP $19.99
Body-Solid 36
Round Cylinder... 
$29.00 MSRP $29.00
Body-Solid 36
Half Cylinder... 
$24.00 MSRP $24.00
Body-Solid Premium 18
High Density... 
$22.95 MSRP $22.95
Body-Solid Tools Premium 36
Body-Solid Tools Premium High Density 36... 
$32.95 MSRP $32.95
Rumble Roller Beastie Bar Massage
Overcome hard-to-reach areas like your b... 
Retail Price $59.00
$49.00 MSRP $59.00
Free Shipping!
Rumble Roller 31
High-profile bumps are a distinguishing ... 
$69.95 MSRP $69.95
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Rumble Roller 12
High-profile bumps are a distinguishing ... 
$44.95 MSRP $44.95
Free Shipping!
$44.95 MSRP $44.95
$69.95 MSRP $69.95
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