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Stamina Products Inc. was founded in 1987. Our focus has been to supply quality and value to the fitness and leisure markets. Stamina was the first company to bring affordable Pilates to the mass market for home use. The AeroPilates reformer is the only true Pilates reformer that provides low-impact cardiovascular training plus the total body flexibility, strength training, sculpting and toning that Pilates is famous for.
Stamina Conversion II Rower
Stamina Conversion Bike Rower... 
Retail Price $899.99
$749 MSRP $899.99
Stamina ATS Air Rowing Machine
Super Sturdy, Air Resistance... 
Retail Price $500.00
$479 MSRP $500.00
Stamina Air Rower
Wind Resistance... 
Retail Price $399.99
$299 MSRP $399.99
Stamina X Hyper Ab Bench
The pull of a pin quickly and easily adj... 
Retail Price $129.00
$99.00 MSRP $129.00
Stamina Adjustable Plyo Box
Adjusts to 4 different heights, 12in., 1... 
Retail Price $259.00
SALE $189 MSRP $259.00
Stamina Outdoor Fitness Power Tower
Built to withstand the Elements... 
Retail Price $519.00
$399 MSRP $519.00
Stamina Power Tower
Vertical Knee Raise, Pull Up, Dip... 
Retail Price $259.00
$199 MSRP $259.00
Stamina Folding Trampoline
36", Take it Anywhere!... 
Retail Price $69.99
$39.00 MSRP $69.99