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Here's my workout space, I dedicated a room in the basement. Older BodySolid Smith gym with leg extension, preacher curl attachment, dip station ect. I bought this smith gym in 1997!! These things really are life time guarantee! And yes I use it, hard! Also in the space is a leg press machine, stationary bike, 100lb. heavy bag w/ speed bag, misc. free wheights, and resistance bands. I just need to add a dumbbell rack and get rid of the eyesore wood cabinet. Oh, and you have to have a sound system to keep you amped up. Submitted by Brian
This is my basement gym with Body-Solid Leg Press, Cam Series Leg Curl/Extension, Adjustable Bench, Power Block Dumbbells, Muscle and Fitness Strength Bands, Parabody Smith Machine. Submitted by Scott Schumacher
A Body-Solid EXM1500S, Submitted by Sylvester, Sachse,Texas

The pictures make it look like a tight space but it is very roomy between machines:  Body Solid. Smith machine, Adjustable bench and upright should press, curl bench. BS Preacher Curl machine. BS leg Extension machine. BS Peck Deck machine. BS Lat Pulldown machine.  Powertech Leverage bench. BS Endurance Spin BIke , but it is a POS!!!! I also have Dumbells, lat extension ropes and different bars for triceps along with my karate and mma room being worked on with heavy bags, speed bags, powercage for abs and squat station.  I will follow up when completed.
Submitted by Charles Insalaca Jr.


Submitted by Fitnessforyoutoo
"This is where my wife and I work out every morning at 5 AM."

Submitted by Ryan Van Rhodes
"I'm a strongman, fighter and long time Body Solid supporter.
I've got a little of everything for functional performance training; this pic is just the starting off point: Farmers Walk implements - Yoke - Sled - Pulling Rope - Pulling Harnesses - Lots Of Natural & Atlas Stones - Olympic Platform - Heavy & Grappling Bags - Kegs - Tires - Logs - Axles- Chains - Circus Dumbbell - Power & Bearing WL Bars - Lots Of Rubber Bumpers & Iron Plates - Body Solid Kettlebells - BS Dumbbells - Big BS GPR 378 Power Cage - BS GFID71 FID Bench- BS GLM83 Lat Pull & Row - 450lbs in Body Solid Bumper Plates - 1500lbs. in iron plates - Concept2 Rower - Airdyne Comp Evo- Doctor's Scale - Lots Of Clamps, Chalk etc. - Radio & Satellite TV - and lots more misc."

Submitted by Manuel Gonzalez

Submitted by Darryl Thomas, Fitness Forever 1on1 Personal Training Performance Studio

Submitted by the Nelsons, Vashon WA
"This is the exercise room my wife (she is a former body builder - those are her trophies and pics) and I put in.
The spiral staircase leads to the day basement which is  the exercise room, floor is covered with heavy duty rubber mats. Both main walls are mirrored, cable TV is installed with an internet connection and sound system.
There is a cable crossover machine, lat pulldown machine, roman chair, dumbbells to 65 lbs, kettlebells, plate racks, Olympic plates up to 500lbs total, flat and incline weight bench, incline ab bench and a vertical knee raise and dip stand. On the other side we have a Concept2 rowing machine, treadmill, exercise bike and a Stairmaster stepmill gauntlet.
My next purchase will be a smith machine."


Submitted by Bryan Imhoff

"Love my equipment" Submitted by Bradley Patterson

"I converted a two story garage into a home theatre room (upstairs) and a work out room down stairs. I have a man cave to die for." Submitted by Karl Thompson

Me and my husband have been working out for about 8 years. We love it. Have had a gym for about 6 years. Submitted by Bev

Submitted by Luis from Berwyn, IL

Submitted by Jerry D.

Submitted by Hugo T.

I am including photos of my workout room - My room is long and narrow but it works out well for me and my lifting partner. I have Pro-Style dumbbell set from 5-100lbs.  Also a Body Solid Hip Sled/Hack Squat machine; smith machine with a 200# selectorized lat pull down/low row, calf machine, incline benches, and misc. bars and plates. You will notice that my clock is pretty outdated and I desperately need a new one -  Hope you like the photos.  Oh yeah, by the way, my gym is in the lower level of the funeral home that I own." Submitted by Jeff

"I'm submitting pictures of my 1000 sq. ft. home gym. I've been training at home since 1995." Submitted Kelly, North Eastern Pa

"The pictures are of my home gym. My wife and I built our house over the last 3 years and a home gym has always been part of the plan. The floor is rubber, with a big ceiling fan and mirrors, it works great for me. (and several men who visit every week) The wife thought it would also be a good place to put my jet pictures in. (I’m a recently retired Air Force pilot) I’ve had several home gyms, one was in a formal living room, one was a bedroom, and this one and one other in a basement." Submitted by Richard, Pagosa Springs, CO

"Jose Isidro's Garage Workout Gym with my dog Skywalker guarding my 405 lbs weights. As you can see, I have majority of my equiptment on Body Solid. Equiptment shown: Body Solid- Cage, Leg curl, Lats and cable pull, Dumbell rack, Barbell holder, Pec Dec, stationary machine, treadmill. I purchase my equiptment at Fitness Factory and always very satisfy with the service, pricing, and warranty. Regards Master Jose Isidro"

05-05-2011: 2 Winners This Week
Frank T. from Bushnell, Fl Jon Schumacher


Marcus, Sylvania, OH:  "I still have room for the leg press that I plan to buy!"

George Martinis: "My Home Gym consist of Power Rack WPR-78, WFID-71 Bench, Pro Lat Machine WPLM-83, 2 X 3 Leg Curl/Leg Extention WLCE-365, Roman Chair WRCH-22, Utility Stool WST-20, Leg Press WLPH-1000, Seated Calf WSCR-349, 2 X 3 Preacher Curl Bench WPCB-329, 62 INCH 3 Tier Rack GDR60 with 5 to 100 SDR Dumbbells, Not to mention a bunch of attachments and accessories..My next purchase will be a Olympic Weight Tree GOWT to replace my Yukon weight tree. Body Solid is the best equipment out there and it is all I will buy."

Richard, HorseHeads, New York: "We would like to welcome home SFC Richard Berardinelli from his recent deployment to Afghanistan. His gym is this weeks winner! Thank you for your service Rich!"

Simon Strugnell, Colorado: "The Items travelled from Chicago to Cairns to the purchase in Sydney Aust and then moved through out the years to Los Angeles back to Sydney and then Pittsburgh PA and now reside in Denver CO."