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Body-Solid Lifting Resistance Bands

Body-Solid 41" Lifting Resistance Bands

BSTB - All bands are 41" long with 5 different levels of resistance

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Body-Solid Lifting Resistance Bands

Why use lifting bands? Lifting bands offer a contrasting method in an exercise program where the weight resistance changes at different points in a lift. Using bands will make the weight increase through the concentric and eccentric portions of a lift that will result in greater speed and acceleration. Each Band is suited towards a particular fitness routine such as speed/agility training, jumping, flexibility, stretching, plyometrics, rehabilitation, and power lifting. These 41" bands are a cost effective and simple way to add intensity to any training routine.

The BSTB1 and BSTB2 are best used for general conditioning, stretching, rehabilitation, jumping, aerobics and for increased resistance towards bicep /tricep exercises. Either band works well for beginners and novice weightlifters. For stronger bench presses and lower body exercises, the BSTB3  and BSTB4  work well. For obtaining maximum resistance using squats, deadlifts, leg presses and shrugs, the BSTB5 is our top of the line band.

  • All Bands are 41 inches in length
  • BSTB1 Orange, Lightest Resistance - 1/2" Width
  • BSTB2 Green, Light Resistance - 3/4" Width
  • BSTB3 Red, Medium Resistance - 1 1/8" Width
  • BSTB4 Blue, Heavy Resistance - 1 3/4" Width
  • BSTB5 Purple, Ultra Resistance - 2 1/2" Width


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