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Featured Home Gym Submissions

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Sept. 23: francowgolf

Francowgolf's gym includes a Pec Machine, Bicep Curl Machine, Ab Bench, Battle Rope, and some functional training/cable machines.

Sept. 16: InkedCop

InkedCop's gym includes a StepMill 3, Smith Machine with Lat Attachment and Ab Slings, Leg Press Hack squat, Recumbent Bike, Resistance Tubes, Yoga Mat, Weight Belt,  plus more off camera.

Sept. 9: Fcm350

Fcm350's gym has a fully loaded Smith Machine with Pull Up BarLat AttachmentPec Attachment, and diamond grip stirrup handles, Olympic bars in the background including a Trap Bar, Tricep Bar, and Curl Bar. Also a Hack Squat Leg Press and Lat Machine, plus more off camera..

Sept. 2: Joe401k

Joe401k's gym includes a Decline Shoulder Press Bench, Lat/Mid-Row Machine, Half Rack with Adjustable Bench and Olympic Bar, plus weight belt and dumbbells.

July 29: Spill_One

Spill_One's gym has a Functional Trainer with triceps rope, a Body-Solid G6B Multi-Gym, a Press Rack, several adjustable benches with leg holds, an Olympic Trap Bar, foam roller, and more. 

July 8: Hollismartin48

Hollismartin48 is lifting a 7' Barbell with Color Bumper Plates in a Power Rack, with a Lat Attachment in the rear.  He also has other weight plates on Plate Horns and Safety Catches.

June 17: Marcoeufrasio23

Marcoeufrasio23's gym includes a Rugged Flat-Incline Bench, Rugged Y100 Power Rack with Base Bar Holder and Lat Attachment, a Cable Crossover, a Trap Bar with Handles, Preacher Curl Bench, Leg Curl and Extension, Folding Treadmill, and Cross Trainer.

March 4: Rnewcombe

Rnewcombe's gym has a dog, Functional TrainerLat Pulldown Machine, Press Rack, Ab Board, Round Dumbbells, and a selection of bars & handles.

February 18: robertfeely

Robertfeelys's gym has Functional Trainer with cable attachments, tire tread slam balls, preacher curl, adjustable bench, plate tree, multi-gym, and a foam roller.


February 11: Ssreddi

Ssreddi's gym has a Concept2 SkiErg, Multi-Press Rack, Functional Trainer, Folding Bench, and Training Ropes, with lots of Cardio.



November 18: Bigg Dogg

Bigg Dogg's gym has a Powerline Smith Machine, Lat Pulldown, plate-loaded Ab Bench, Folding Weight Bench, a Recumbent Bike, and a Treadmill


November 10: Erroll S.

Erroll's gym has a Body-Solid G6B Home Gym, and a Body-Solid Corner Leverage Gym with Bench.



November 4: Eric S.

Eric's gym has a Powerline PPR500 Half Rack, Powerline P2X Home Gym, and Quad Grip weight plates.


October 28: mhansen44

Hansen's gym has the Body-Solid GPR378 Power Rack with Ab Slings, Hack Squat Machine, 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack,