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Fitness Factory carries ropes of all sorts for your cross training strength and conditioning needs including rope machines, conditioning ropes, jump ropes, battle ropes and more.

Rope training is popular with professional athletes, personal trainers, health clubs, and home fitness enthusiasts. Rope training is proven to increase overall strength, hand strength, cardio endurance and is an effective tool in building explosiveness and strength in your upper body.

In addition to training ropes, Fitness Factory also carries a wide range of jump and cable speed ropes from Body-Solid, SPRI, Rage Fitness and HumanX. Speed and jump ropes are built with frictionless rotation for extreme cardio workouts and are great tools to increase agility and coordination.

Ropeflex RX2300 Ibex
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Dual Position Rope Pulling Machine... 
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Ropeflex RX2500 Oryx
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Vertical Rope Pulling Machine... 
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Body-Solid Cross Training Exercise Ropes
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Super durable with wrapped ends, 30', 40... 
Rage Fitness Conditioning Rope Bracket
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Use with conditioning ropes... 
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