Ropeflex RX505 Mountable Rope Pull Machine

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PRICE: $575.00

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Manufacturer's Warranty


Manufacturer's Warranty

Ropeflex friction based rope drums are durable, maintenance free and made 100% in the United States.

This space saving, budget friendly option for a rope pulling machine/attachment, is an amazing option for anyone that would like the take advantage of the benefits of a rope pull machine but also wants to save floor space for other machines.

The rope is custom made also in the united states, and offers a durable, but nice to grab material that is easy on your hands but will stand the test of time

The drum itself derives its resistance while pulling on the rope from the friction created between the rope, and the rungs within the custom made rope drum. 

To add resistance, simply loop the rope around another rung. To decrease the resistance, just unloop one of the rungs on the drum from the rope. 

RX505 Base Configuration comes with clamping plate attachment mechanism for stationary mounting.

Other options including J-Hook style bracket and rail are available for adjustable positioning on either your squat rack or a wall mounted rail, respectively. 

J-Hook adapter option is designed to accommodate squat racks with Westside hole spacing, and can be customized to work with other spacing options as well. This is usually 2 inches (~50mm) between holes. Westside hole spacing means that the holes in the uprights are closer together (1 inch or ~25mm) near the bottom of the rack and further apart (2 inches or ~50mm) toward the middle and top of the rack. 

  • Built tough right here in America
  • Standard stationary mount to many rigs and racks to save money and space.
  • Get the J-hook add on to slide and down your squat rack.
  • Get the rail adapter to slide up and down a wall mounted rail.
  • Friction rope drum saves you money while still maintaining the same effectiveness
  • Heavy duty, durable materials, and hand made ropes, unlike any other rope pull machine brand.
  • Full body, fun, and engaging workout, for strength, endurance, or cardio!
Manufacturer's Warranty