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Grit Runner Curved Manual Treadmill

TG-RUNN1000 - As a 100% manually operated treadmill you will train harder, develop better cadence, posture, and balance.

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Fitness Factory Price $1,999
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Grit Runner Curved Manual Treadmill


Grit Runner Curved Manual Treadmill is manual and cordless, and it gives you a more intensive workout than a standard treadmill, so you'll see faster results and achieve your goals. This Curved Manual Treadmill contains six resistance levels and a battery-powered LCD display to keep track of your progress. It's the closest you can come to running outside without having to leave your basement.

Curved Manual Runner Treadmill features a commercial-grade steel and aluminum frame, making it one of the most durable runners available. Time, distance, calories, speed, tempo, and watts are all displayed on the battery-powered LCD display. From zero to the equivalent of uphill interval exercise, these machines are motorless, cordless, and self-propelled. Look no farther than the Grit Runner to train throughout the chilly winter months, the hot summer months, or to change up your running regimen.


  • First in class 6 levels of resistance
  • Material: Grade steel and aluminum frame
  • Promotes form and balance: Quick strides cadence, Midfoot & toe strike
  • Battery powered LCD display: time, distance, pace, speed, calories, and interval training modes
  • Design: Motor-less belt 
  • Weight: up to 400 LB 
  • Display: LCD Display to Include Time, Distance, Pace, Speed, Calories & Watts. Display powered by 2 x AA batteries.
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Depth: 79" / Width: 35" / Height: 60"
  • Belt Width: 19"
  • Weight: 415 Lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year. Lifetime on the Belt


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