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Build visible, stronger and more defined triceps with triceps machines from Fitness Factory. Fitness Factory carries several products aimed at building your triceps including cable weight-stack triceps extension machines, triceps bars and benches, and triceps cable attachments for machines including nylon triceps straps, triceps ropes, steel triceps extension bar handles, and much more.

Most triceps workouts including triceps extensions involve straightening your elbow joint against weight resistance.

Building and strengthening your triceps has numerous benefits allowing additional strength and stability of your shoulders and elbows. The more you strengthen your triceps the more functionality, range of motion and flexibility your arms will have. This can help you in everyday functions but also improve your performance in sports such as tennis, swimming, volleyball and basketball.

With a 310 pound weight stack, target yo... 
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Commercial Rated
Designed for intense use, the Series II ... 
Starting at $2437

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For any commercial facility, weight stac... 
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Commercial Rated
Heavy-duty welded steel with chrome fini... 
Retail Price $24.99
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Heavy-duty welded steel with rubber coat... 
Retail Price $29.99
$24.99 MSRP $29.99

Features edges that won’t pinch, scrape ... 
Retail Price $21.99
$16.99 MSRP $21.99
This 34 inch bar is for maximum concentr... 
Retail Price $64.95
$57.00 MSRP $64.95
With over-sized rubber blocks and a supe... 
Retail Price $19.99
$16.99 MSRP $19.99