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Peach Perfection: Build a Rounder, Stronger Booty with! 

Forget endless squats! Our targeted glute equipment unlocks hidden curves and lifts your booty to new heights.

Our product list features glute ham developers for explosive power, glute drives for sculpted definition, and max machines for serious tone – we've got your glute workouts covered. 




Benefits to Adding a Glute Machine to Your Gym

Adding a glute machine to your home gym or facility can offer a range of aesthetic and functional benefits. Here are some key advantages to consider:

Targeted Glute Activation: Glute machines isolate the target muscles more effectively than free-weight exercises like squats. This can be helpful for:

  • Building and toning your glutes: Strong glutes contribute to a firm, rounded look and improved athletic performance.
  • Correcting muscle imbalances: If one glute is weaker than the other, a machine can help strengthen the lagging side.
  • Recovering from injuries: Machines can be easier on your joints and allow controlled movement, making them suitable for rehabilitation.

Improved Athletic Performance: Strong glutes are crucial for power and explosiveness in many sports. 

  • Increase jump height and speed: More powerful glutes can translate to better performance in sprinting, jumping, and agility-based athletic activities. 
  • Reduce the risk of injury: Stronger glutes improve overall lower body stability and support, reducing the strain on your knees and lower back.
  • Enhance overall fitness: Glute workouts contribute to cardiovascular health and calorie burning, rounding out your fitness routine.

Addition benefits of adding a glute machine to your home gym or facility are:

  • Variety and Motivation: A glute machine adds variety to your workouts, preventing boredom and keeping you motivated.
  • Ease of Use: Machines are user-friendly, even for beginners, and allow for controlled movements with minimal risk of injury.
  • Space Saving: Some glute machines are compact and foldable, ideal for smaller home gyms.

See's full lineup of Glute Machines in action: